Antique Browsing

This past weekend, Nick and I thought it would be nice to go look around some antique shops. We actually have a couple antique Malls around here.
It was cold all day Saturday and we didn't have anything to do so we decided to get out a little while.

When I go into the antique shops I just get all giddy inside. I see things I want, but no where to put them. Then I think past where I am now and into the future of having a little beach cottage and so I see things that would look great in one but I don't have that luxury yet.

Mostly what I enjoy when I visit these vintage shops is looking at things I remember Mom or Grandma having in there homes. I reminisce back to when I was young. I'm constantly saying "oh look , I remember these". or "Mom still has this at her house!". Nick is ten years older than me so he gives me some little history lessons on quite a few things we see too.

This little sign made me laugh (though its not vintage).
I remember my brother always called me this.

Now its dangerous for a blogger to walk into a antique store. I wanted to take a picture of everything. It would have killed my battery and taken all my storage. There was so many pretty and unique things. So I left my camera in my pocket book the best I could. I would bring it out every now and again.

I saw this Stallion sitting in a corner of the back of the store. I asked Nick to take a picture of me with it before anyone walked up. So he did.

I remember having many of these and rode plenty of miles on one too. I had the hat, gun holster and boots to complete the fun.

Kids now days wouldn't understand.

We were looking at some of the furniture too. We need a bed, and a couple side tables. We probably wouldn't buy a bed from an antique store unless it was at a good buy and exactly what were looking for but we enjoy getting some ideas. I really want Nick to build me one using a couple vintage doors from our old home place.

I look around and get a lot ideas on how to turn junk into cool things.

I seen this table and immediately thought about mom. 


It was rustic, which I liked, but Im pretty sure it was not her taste. She needs a table this size for family get togethers. We have 12 to 14 at each gathering and this 10.5 foot table with 6 legs would work perfect for us all to sit around. It even had small drawers on the other side.

I didnt buy anything today though I almost bought an Ice Cream bowl for my Daddy that read
"Paw Paws Ice Cream" and I probably would have if I could have found a matching one for Mawmaw.


  1. Antique stores are a lot of fun!!

  2. I try to steer clear of antique shops because I ALWAYS find things I can live without. And it's always a walk down memory lane.

  3. living on the edge of hoarder-dom, the kind of place I have to stay away from :)

  4. I love meandering through antique shops and imagine how the items were once used.

  5. I am not much on antiques since I am one. I always laugh thinking of trips with Sherry's sister and her hubby Sonny. He was my best friend and 10 yrs older. In antique malls he would say, "That is not an antique, we used those on the farm." LOL
    Oh yes, buying can be done, but storage and places to put things become scarce! Good one. My stick horse never had a head ('cept in my imagination.)

  6. You never quite know what you'd find there

  7. Thanks for sharing this fun outing.

  8. Sounds fun. I love looking in those kinds of stores too.

  9. I laughed when I saw the stick little brother rode at least 5 million miles on his.
    That is a really cool, big dining table...we have one that takes 4 leaves and makes a table big enuf for 10/12...then we use card tables if having a large family. xo