3-2-1 Cake

No you don't have Déjà vu. I actually have blogged about this about 50 lbs ago. Its so good, I'm sharing it again. So grab your tongue and hang on to your sweet tooth, this might hurt.

Years ago, my friend Anne told me about this cake recipe she makes up for her kids. She should have never done that! I could not contain myself and I got hooked on this stuff! It was just too easy!!!!

When ever you feel the urge to eat something sweet but do not want to make a whole cake or wipe out a bakery, you can just make on single serve cake in the microwave for one minute.

Yep, "just a minute".

All you need is a box of Angel food cake mix and a box of regular cake mix of your choice. One cake mix has to be Angel food cake mix because it has the egg whites you need already in it.
Pour them both in an air tight container or Ziploc bag and mix the two together. No need to refrigerate, just keep on a shelf and when you are ready for a piece of cake, grab a small dessert bowl or coffee mug and follow this simple recipe.

321 Cake

3 Tablespoons of cake mix.
2 Tablespoons of water.
cook 1 Minute in the microwave
Top with whip topping, fruit, ice cream, frosting, etc.

I squeezed a little chocolate frosting on mine around the edges while it was still warm and let it melt into the cake and it was delicious!!!!

This would be perfect for your college student. Also It would make a great gift for a neighbor or friend. Just put some mix in a cute little container with the directions printed on it.

If your allergic to egg whites. Do not eat this.
Approx 160 calories per serving.

For the record: Though the calories are not bad, I stay clear of this recipe now that Im a weightloss winner because I could easily eat this every day. 


  1. I like the name. 3-2-1. I am glad I am not a real sweet lover. I like it but can easily do without it. Now my Sherry is sweet, I wonder if it is because she is a sweets lover? She will pay attention to this...

  2. Ooh, coffee cup cake. I haven't made it in a long time. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Another one for me to try!!

  4. Easy! I'll make 2. One for this morning. One for this afternoon. (Hee-Hee)

  5. Works for me. I think I could fix that one. And there are few things I attempt in the kitchen.

  6. Hey! You made me famous again! We always have this in the cabinet. I love to take it to the beach. After soaking up the sunshine and walking on the beach I always want just a little something sweet. I love mine with sprinkles. Makes it really festive.

  7. Soooo, Walmart is within walking distance of my home...all downhill...so I can go get these cake mixes...and walk uphill back to my home, which works off the calories I'm going to eat in this cake...guess I'll be doing that 20 times a day now, thank you very much! ;-) Love it! Hugs!