Are You A Donor?

Its been five years since I have renewed my license. I have until May to do it but I decided to get it out of the way and made the dreaded appointment to the license bureau . I could have easily just went online and renewed it to save me the trouble but I wanted a new photo. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

I had an apppointment for 8:30 am. When I pulled into the parking lot I noticed there was no line.
I parked and went inside. I walked down the hall and to the left. The waiting room was empty. I was the only one in there. I had a look of confusion on my face as I looked inside the testing room.
"Can I help you?" ask officer Drab. "Yes, I have an appointment for a renewal" I replied. "Step on in here and we can go ahead and get started" he said.

All I had to do was varify may information. Then I had to step over to the camera. They gave me three seconds to make another five year photo impression. I got one chance! "Smile".
Next I had to read the top line of the eye chart. Because of the way the eye rest was tilted, I read the bottom line by accident. "You read the wrong line. Now read the top line this time" said officer Smartypants".
Now, think a minute. Wouldn't you think the bottom line which is smaller would have been acceptable?

Then the question..."Are you still a donor?" She asked. "Yes Maam, I am", I said with no hesitation.
I was all done and back to work in no time. It took all of 10 minutes to get my license renewed. Thats a first!!! I also think that was quicker than If I had done it online.

My new licnese came in the mail with in a week. As my husband examined them, we get into this little argument over being a donor. "So, your still a donor?!?!" He asked. As he saw the little red heart next to my photo. I replied, " Yes! I have always been a donor and im proud of it".

This is something we disagree on. He does not like the idea of being a donor and chooses never to be one. He has this idea that if im in serious condition in the hospital and the person down the hall needs my heart, the doctors will let me die if the money is right. I have often thought about this but I would think my family would fight to the end to make sure the doctors do all they can to save me first.

I love the idea that the death of me might save another. That way I can live on. My soul will be in heaven but my body parts will be free game to the ones that need it. How selfish it would be to put it all in the ground and not share life.

Being a donor is something Im sure of. Something im proud of. If my husband is right, so be it. I would probably even sign off on it.

Are you a donor? Do you feel like my husband does about this issue? Just curious. It will not change my mind though.


  1. I'm with you, Lisa. I'm also a donor. I wouldn't have it any other way. If my death would give the chance of life to someone else, that would be an honour. I've registered to be a donor and I've shared the information with my husband and family, so they are aware of it.

  2. First the Photo! YOUR GIRLS!(Yep that is my girl, too) In Florida if you do not like your picture they will do it again. Yes she has went back for the second try. LOL
    YES on 'smarty pants', NC needs to teach some office protocol and just manners. I do remember.
    Yes, I am a donor. I loved the graphic "Who wouldn't want a part of this!"
    I had never thought about the 'donor' part as Bro. N looks at it. Mainly because most 'vital organs' are on a list I understand unless you personally say I want 'Sarah' to have my kidney etc. Just my thoughts.
    Y'all try to be good up there!

  3. I donate in other ways so NO I'm NOT a donor. I prefer to leave this world with what I came into it with.

  4. I'm a donor! They can have anything they want after I'm finished with it. I just imagine someone is asking God for a blessing, to save their loved one. Well Gosh, I'm through with what ever is still in good enough working order. Someone can have that blessing through me. I'm in Gods hands by then anyway.

  5. I'm a donor though I hear they still need more than a DL as "proof" when the times comes. My wife isn't, her mother refuses to let her since she got a permit and will go crazy if she finds out.

    Her mom is a little "out there" so logic often doesn't make sense. Like she refuses to let people run fans in her house during hot summer if the "air is on". I'm not a energy specialist, but fans on keep your costs down not up.

    But if I die sorta-young, I'd like my organs taken for whoever needs them. It's almost like you live on after death in a way.

  6. Yes, I AM a donor, but I'm 82 & I think most of my parts are pretty worn out!!

  7. I'm not a donor, but just never really thought of it the way you explained. Gives me something to think about. Good for you on sticking to your convictions.

  8. Confusing issue. I feel your husband is right, but it is your body (and death may mean life).

  9. Yes, I'm a donor.
    We don't make appointments to get a license here. You just pick a number. It's just first come first served.

  10. Have you ever seen the movie Return to Me? It's a beautiful story about an organ donor and the person who received the gift of life as a result.