Pokemon Go Craze

If you know any teens (and many adults too), then you've heard bout the new craze thats hit the game world.
"Pokemon Go".
I refuse to play but thinks its a genius way to keep the cellphone companies in business. They say its a good way to get people out walking around. But what good is that if they have their nose stuck in a phone. As if texting wasnt bad enough.


They even play here at work. I've actually seen the managers jump in their car and ride up the road because their phone gave them a signal that there is a pokemon monster or something down the road, over the bridge and through the field. So off they Go. There was one in my office the other day but I had to be playing the game to see it. Oh well. I wish they reacted like that when there is a spider in my office.

As we were riding through downtown the other day, the place was crawling with people looking down at their cell phones chasing virtual animation. It was a crazy sight. I called them "phone zombies".  It looked like scene from the walking dead. Check out one of the scenes here from the "PlowingThroughLife" Blog. Shes seeing the same thing in her state.

Anyway. I decided to jump into the action my way by crocheting a few of these poke'ball pet hats. I've seen some human hats just like this selling, so I figured I add the pets in on the fun. 

My shop is closed for a few days due to vacation. These cute little hats will be ready to order once I reopen this weekend. Say hello to my model "Tucker". He belongs to one of my customers and is my favorite model for my crochet pet hats. Isn't he adorable?

Meanwhile, I'll sit here on the beach and make fun of the boys watching their phones instead of watching the girls. 


  1. It's true...they look like Zombies. Not for me or mine! The puppy hat is cute. I didn't know you crocheted or had a shop. Of course, I'm reading your post on my phone...if it's listed on the web version, I can't see it. But, I'm going to look now. Happy Beach time!

  2. Girl you are a hoot. I have a rough enough time finding my e-mails on the smart phone, mush less catching something unreal. LOL But you are a wonder with crochet'n stuff. Cute hat. I smiled at boys watching phones instead of girls. My boy mind says, "Something wrong there, someone's cogs have slipped the gears."
    Enjoy the sand and sun!

  3. That picture of Tucker...
    Totally made this post

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! He is a cute. Wonder what kind of dog he is?

  5. Thanks for the mention, Lisa!

    I love your crochet pet hats. So adorable. I hope you do well with them.

    The argument is that people are getting outside. My own kids say that because they both play. Yes, it's very nice to be outside but if you're always staring at your phone, what's the point?

  6. This is the first I've heard of it.
    Tucker is adorable.


    that was a famous meme about ten or more years back. It's become relevant again.

    I don't really play Pokemon Go, but I do love just the crazy stuff people find on there.

    I still play the real video game pokemon games. They have a new one coming out around the holidays. Since it's revived the love of the series with those who long since put them away, I'm sure it will do very well.

    1. My daughter had one of those pickachus once. Wonder if thats related

  8. We need to get one of those for our Yorkie :)

    1. You should! I also do the tobagons with balls on top. Just let me know what color. Haha

  9. I did down loaded it on my phone, but it only stayed 10 minutes before I unloaded it. I just wanted to see what everyone was so crazy about. Around here they're riding instead of walking looking for them. I think your hat is cute. :)