I Think I Figured It Out

If you have read back a few post you may remember me complaining of inner ear problems.
Its fixed now.....

It started in both ears, lots of ringing and buzzing in them. It would literally make it hard for me to sleep. Then it progressed to dizziness and that full and stopped up feeling like you experience when going up elevations such as a ride through the mountains. I eventually lost most of my hearing in my left ear temporarily. The doctor suggested it was allergies. I suffered for Three weeks.

Being an allergy sufferer all my life, I knew this was more than an allergies. What could it be? 
I'm in my late 40's and believe it or not, The only drugs in my body is Allegra for allergies and Tylenol if I ever get a headache, cramps or achy knees. Ive always taken those and know they have no side effects. The only "new thing" I started taking was multivitamins. 

The doctors told me I lacked vitamin D. I was given high doses of Vitamin D for two months then once I was out of the woods, I began taking a multivitamin with vitamin D. That's when the problem started.

So I stopped them.
The ears started clearing up.
I thought "hmm"
So I took them again just to see and my ear started acting up again.
So I stopped the vitamins and my ears are now fine.

Lack of Magnesium.

Vitamin D requires magnesium to work in the bloodstream. This process requires and even uses up magnesium in the process, creating sudden signs of a magnesium deficiency I didn't even know I had. This will effect the inner ear and cause the symptoms I was having.

I'm happy to know this because I'm loving how the multivitamins make my nails and hair so healthy.
Now I can just change my formula. 
And eat more nuts and broccoli

I'm not a doctor. My sources came from google and this is my own diagnosis for my ear problem. If you are suffering any unexplained illness, please see a doctor.


  1. I am shocked you are/were vitamin deficient in Vitamin D. I figured you had enough sunlight to fill you up!
    Glad the inner ear problem is gone, I know it is misery. Hope all is well with you guys. sending Love and good thoughts from Florida
    ps: I try to avoid drs, do I deleted yourlast sentence. ;-) At my age they want to prescribe something else. :-O

    1. Me too! It was extremely low and Im always in the sun and even tan bed which gives off vit D also. I think they were wrong.

  2. Oh that is good news that you figured out the ear problem. Good for you!!

  3. Glad to hear (hee hee) you figured it out. Wouldn't want vitamin D to effect your smile

  4. I don't think I even have one allergy, my dog is allergic to too much stuff.

  5. Glad you found the root of your problem. I've had to take two Mega doses of Vitamin D a couple of years ago. It's an important vitamin. I did t know about the magnesium, though.

    How was the beach?

    1. Me either! The beach is great. Still here til Sunday. Lots of jelly fish though.