All I Got

Looks like this is all im gonna get from the pepper plants I planted at the beginning of summer.

I planted six. New leaves continue to grow but something eats them during the night.  

As soon as the flowers fall off and the peppers shine through, They just get snipped off during the night! Wonder whats doing it? Birds? Squirrels? Bugs? 

As far as the egg plants?

This is all I got. The purple flowers bloom and fade... Hello? Is there any eggplant home? Never.

However, the eggplants are covered with fire ants! I got stung by one. 

I have been ant bit before and thought it was a fire ant until now. There IS a difference. The fire ant stung like a bee! Left a wlep too. Im glad I got my hand away before they swarmed me. 

Oh dear, im just not a gardener.  


  1. I'm not having much luck with my peppers and eggplants either. But I still have hope. : )
    I've never gotten bite by a fire ant and hope I never do!!

  2. Cause of drought like conditions alot of folks are not getting a good yield garden wise this year. better luck next time.

  3. You got more peppers than I did. Mine never bloomed. Everything else did well, except for the beets. The just aren't growing very much. But, I'm gonna keep on trying.

  4. If it's any consolation, I AM a gardener and my peppers are struggling this year as are my eggplants! Certain years they do great, this year I guess it's the Zucchinis' turn to take over the garden!

  5. I thank I have a blue or red thumb. I don't have much luck. I am trying to grow Ivy back in Belmont, and having a slow go of it.
    I hear it all the time, "MAYBE NEXT YEAR!"

  6. i do not like the fire ants, and yep they do STING! I know for a fact, also.... Glad you didn't get covered by the rascals.

  7. I HATE fire ants. You can thank Alabama for their entry into this country. They came in on a ship and offloaded somehow at Mobile Bay. They have marched northward and spread as far as weather permits.
    After a bite, I often get tiny puss pockets to mark the bite.
    I know it's not eco friendly, but when I see a mound of them, I pour gas on them. It kills the ones it reaches instantly. The ones deep in the mound that survive, move.
    Sorry your garden didn't do well. Usually when plants don't thrive, it's a soil, water, or sunlight issue.
    I know this isn't much help but it's what I have to offer.

  8. I don't have a green thumb, rather the kiss of death when it comes to plants

  9. I used to be a terrible gardener. But I didn't give up