Not So Bad

So Im back from vacation [boohoo]. The guys at work ended up doing a great job keeping me from getting to far behind. I still had some issuse that kept me busy all day but all and all it was not so bad.

Im all caught up there.
Now about that pile of laundry waiting on me.
My husband helped with that. One more load and im caught up there too.

He was also able to get the overgrown grass cut today.
Man! I mean, did it rain all week here or something? 

My plants are even gaining momentum. Look! I have an egg plant hatching. Finally! 

Now Im ready to sit back and watch some TV and get back to my afternoon walks.
I can also catch up on some blog readings and do a little crocheting. I have a couple orders to complete. 

All the worry and fret was for nothing.
Isnt that usually how it goes?


  1. I am glad that your worry was misplaced. Love that eggplant too.

  2. You always need a vacation after a vacation to get caught up with what happened while you were away.

  3. I like this one. Lots to remember from our working past, you bring it to lite and I can smile. Yes, just a few days from the job and home, produces WORK to be done upon return. But glad you are about caught up and ready to get back in the grove.. It is no secret, you will miss the beach, Until you are back.

    I guess we will head back to NC soon. Not to work though. Dr. appts, seminars to learn more of the Cochlear implants and Sherry's Biggie, her 60th HS reunion.
    Glad you are back in G-town. Hold it together. Nite.

    1. Whatever it takes to get you home. Keep learning about those implants and you and Sherry have fun at the reunion. As far as doc appointments? Get in and out as fast as you can.

      Safe travels

  4. Welcome back home. : ) Now you should take a week's vacation and just spend the time at home.

  5. Glad you've settled back into your routine. It feels good, when you're all caught up.

  6. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the refreshment of your smile

  7. We grilled fresh eggplant from the plant on our back deck this past weekend. Yum! Glad things are back in order after the cay any. My mantra is: Worry and fear are useless emotions.

  8. Yum! I bet it was delicious.