Egg Chips

You haven't seen as many food post from me lately have ya? Well that's because its just to darn hot to use the oven. Things will change come Fall. You can bet on that.

Last night I sacrificed the cool house and cranked up the oven.
I made something really weird and unusual.

Egg Chips.

Yep you heard me right.
There is no rule that chips have to be made from a vegetable.

They were actually pretty good but not worth the trouble. Unless you add more cheese (which mine needed). Cheese is always worth the trouble. I like something this simple to be a quicker fix.
But thats just me. Try it for yourself.

Egg Chips
1/4 cup of egg beater egg whites. (or 4 whites from regular eggs)
1/4 cup of water.
Mix enough to blend but not froth.
Pour into greased or nonstick muffin pans. Just enough to thinly cover the bottom.
Salt and Pepper.(or other seasoning of choice)
Add cheese on top.
Bake 400 degree for 15 minutes. ( flip half way, but not necessary)
They become crunchy egg chips.

On half of these, I added some old bay seasoning to spice things up and they were delicious. You can experiment by adding other seasonings or dipping in ranch dressing.

These will work perfect for a morning snack or trick your kids into eating something healthy.


My recipe was inspired by this one


  1. Interesting, and not something I had ever considered.
    You are right about cheese though. It adds flavour to so many things.

  2. So, they are baked. When I first saw them I thought they were dropped flat in a frying pan. LOL. I love eggs anyway they they are cooked. The do look good. But I am too lazy to light this oven. I installed an oven in the motor home, it came with a convection/micro combo, but we wanted a conventional oven. I despise lighting it. LOL Sherry does a better job of lighting than I now.

    Anyway they do look good! I could eat a couple now. ;-)

    1. I have never used my campers oven but have used the stove. not sure how easy mine would be to light. hmmm

  3. I'm going to try these!!

  4. Can't wait to try...
    Thank you
    (your fault comment is short) ;)

  5. Interesting, never heard of doing that. : )

  6. Replies
    1. They would have been better if someone else would have made them.

  7. Old Bay works on everything. Being from the East Coast it is a staple. The egg chips sound good.

  8. Wow, a food I have never heard of - egg chips - wow, how interesting!!

  9. I'm excited to try this! I eat eggs almost every morning to make sure I have enough pure protein in my system before going to work, and have been stumped trying to find new ways to make them. Thanks!!