Jeans-The Struggle

I spent the past weekend looking for a new pair of jeans. Oh the struggle! After trying on about twenty pair, I managed to find one pair. Just hope they don't shrink!

I don't know about the guys when It comes to buying jeans, but us women got a lot of options.
[view from my dressing room. "blog post!"]

Supposedly, we can find a jean that will transform us into any shape we desire.Yea right. At least that's what the designers and sellers want you to think.
Unfortunately many young girls and women are looking for this and believe in it.

Here is a jean to make your butt look better.
They just come right out and ask ya.

Hmmm, just a year ago, I was looking for one to make it look smaller. Yes they have those too. 

Need a lift? Got that too. 

Can I not just find a blue jean that's simple? One made of cotton denim and not spandex? Well, there is Levi. My all time favorite but they leave no perk in my assets. 

And you will pay more for the holey jeans.


I guess that's pays the scissor guy at the end of the assembly line.

The struggle is real guys. Sadly society is always looking for a solution to every shape and size.

Be happy with yourself. Do not buy into these sales pitches, believe me, that one pair didn't "lift" anything! And unless you get maternity pants, your tummy has no where to tuck. 


  1. OOO, tell me about it, girl. I, too, am on a quest to find a pair of just plain, simple, SOFT butt lifting, tummy tucking, "make me into a model" wanted...I am olden, winter is coming on and I just want COMFORT to wear with sweaters and etc...(I, being the old woman I am, would really prefer an elastic waistband to just pull up and on and go .......)

  2. I believe everyone who can carry off yoga pants, should stay in them. If you can't...blocky overalls is best.

    (I'm so mean)

    1. I like yoga pants AND overalls. Jean solution solved! haha

  3. Buying jeans is a real pain!! I just want one that fits properly, is comfortable to wear and doesn't get bent out of shape or shrink when it's washed! Is that too much to ask for?

  4. I feel for you all! My wife sent me years ago to pick up a pair of panty hose! Yeah right 22,113 different shades, colors, design, etc. Of course I did get the wrong ones, I think they were in eggs at the time.

    Yeah, it amazes me the number of people (men and women) who fall for the PR of clothes manufacturers.

  5. Boy did I get lucky. I tried on a pair of Riders mid rise boot cut at Walmart and they fit me perfectly. I bought a few pair. : )

  6. Did I just read a blog about a lady looking for jeans?
    And enjoyed it!?

  7. "It's a racket," as my late father-in-law used to say. I'm betting you'd look good in overalls. Most women look a lot better than they think they do. I try to work on how I connect wit people. When you connect with someone and show an interest in them on as a person, they won't look to see if your butt jiggles or not. Or maybe that's just me.

  8. A BETTER butt is the goal. Jeans that fit is my quest. When you find a brand that works... stick with them.


    You ladies looking for a comfortable jean should give these a try. I have 3 pair and love them. I've struggle for years looking for the perfect jeans, all the while the rise just got lower and lower. I second guessed having jeans with elastic, but I'm hear to tell you they are so comfortable. A little pricey, but they hold up so well that I don't mind the extra cost. I figure I've wasted that much in the search. Hope the link works. If not, go to and type the item# in the search box. It is #29685. Hope this helps.