Super Power

We all have some sort of super power. Something that's abnormal or unexplained. I'm not talking about fantasy or magic. We all have that one special something only you can do that sets you apart from ordinary.

I think I saw every Wonder Woman episode on TV in the late 70's. She was my favorite female Hero. I also loved the Incredible Hulk and Batman. I seen every episode of them all.

I often joke about my "super powers" even though none are in strength or speed. [bummer].
  • I can stop a windup wristwatch. This is true. I used to put on a non-battery windup watch and sure enough, after a few hours it would stop telling time or even stop all together. 
  • If i'm ever stung by a bee. You'd never know it except by my cry. My skin will not turn red or swell.
  • Mosquitoes do not bite me. My skin (or blood) is a shield of those blood suckers. 
  • No matter where I go, expect the lights to flash or dim. Ok, I know that's just a coincidence, or is it? I told my Husband that when I die, I call dibs on the flashing light spook.
  • I can touch my tongue to the end of my nose and to the bottom of my chin. That is super isn't it? I bet your trying right now.
  • My eye color can change depending on the temperature or what I wear. I used to be dark brown eyed until the birth of my green eyed daughter and now they are greenish hazel like my Mom and sometimes yellowish brown. Not sure what happened there. I just think it's cool how they change.
  • I can make my eyes tear up like i'm crying. That's right. I can turn them on and turn them off. Didn't take long for my parents to realize that when I was young. So, it was not much to my advantage. Crying is real though.
But the real super power I have is that I'm a "Lucid Dreamer".

That's right. I know when I'm dreaming. I can become conscious inside my dreams. I can take control and either wake myself out of them or continue dreaming while exploring. Knowing i'm dreaming gives me the ability to go anywhere I want to go in my unconsciousness, unless something from the outside wakes me up.
I didn't even know what a Lucid Dream was until I was telling a friend of mine about this ability I have. Her eyes got big as she said in excitement, "you have lucid dreams?" Then she preceded to explain to me what's going on and how lucky I was to have this gift.
Cool huh? Its not all that unusual. Everyone has the ability to do this. Its something you learn in your mind set. Mine started when I was small. I always had bad dreams until one night I realized during a bad dream that "hey this is just a dream" then opened my eyes away from it. I was able to do that in almost every dream  that I didn't want to be in. After that, I was no longer afraid to dream, also meaning I didn't have to venture to my parents room and stare my daddy awake in the middle of the night so he'd cuddle me until I felt safe again.

There are a lot of books and even supplements that help people find they have Lucid Dreams but mine comes natural and that's something super to me.

So whats your special super power? I know you have one.


  1. Okay, now I like this one, a little weird, but I like it. And I thought your super powers was just the creativeness!
    I had to go check to see if Sherry could touch her nose with her tongue, she can't. I was shocked. I know I couldn't!
    YOu are also an entertainer!
    If I have and super powers is is 'fixing stuff' and don't know how I did it.
    I have never heard of a 'Lucid Dreamer' but I will be checking that one out. ;-)
    Very good entry!
    I too believe we all have some 'special' trait or ability.

    1. Ha! I thought it was a little weird too and out of my blogging comfort zone but it was fun to write about it.

  2. Wow! Those are super Powers. Lucid dreaming...I've hear about it but I've never know anyone who can actually do it.