Do You Vape?

There is a new fad among smokers out there now days. Vapor cigarettes. There are even vapor lounges and shops set up around town where these niccotine addicted people can get their fix.

Don't get me wrong. I do think its a better alternative to smoking. I do not smoke but It seems all my working life, ive had to breath it! Even today, I work around a few disrespetful men that have no problem blowing smoke in my face as they come into my office to ask me a question.

I will say the vapor cigarettes would be easier to put up with. But I hate both of them. I have family and friends that enjoy the vapor cigarettes and think its ok to puff around me. "Its not smoke, Its vapor" they say. Well, I still can smell it!! It still goes up my nose or into my lungs as I sit next to you. I don't care if its smells like roses or tangerines, Its still rude, stinks and just looks plain out ugly in your mouth.

Has it come to this? Some sugar coated way to light up? I walked through a cherry smellling vape smog the other day as someone had just released it from their lungs. It choked me. It sorta burned actually. The rest of the night, all I could think about was, "if I could feel that, I wonder what toxins or germy bacreria did I just inhale from this person?".

It may be a better alternative than actual smoking, but people still need to be repectful to those that do not smoke and wish to only breath in air.


  1. Smoking was my most enjoyable habit. I was in my 50's before I quit. In my younger years I am sure I was rude at times smoking. But as I grew older I tried to be respectful of anyone who objected. Of course that was a lot of folk since my church considered it a SIN.
    I watch the Vape-ers and wonder if it is as satisfying as my cigarette was? No matter, as you say here, RESPECT is the key. Smokers (of all flags) should be as careful with the smoke as they are about 'passing gas' (Am I allowed to say that?) :-o!
    I always enjoy this visit and also your witty comments on the 'Shipslog'.

  2. Neither Jilda or I have ever smoked. She has lung issues and can't be around any form of it. Most of the buildings here are smoke free, but walking through a cloud of smoke while entering public buildings is fairly common.
    With Jilda's condition, I sometimes respond to rude people more sternly than I would normally would.
    I've watched two smokers die from lung cancer and it was one of the most painful things I've ever witnessed. I can't help but think if smokers witnessed a death by lung cancer, they may find a way to quit the habit.