Just a Simple Blogger

Im Just a simple blogger.

Not a very creative writer (though I wish I were).

Someone asked me once if you can make money blogging. hmmm, I guess the good ones can.
I do it for free. Yep, its all a gift to everyone. ha.
I do not use advertising on my blog. I guess that's where you make money huh? But no, One thing I hate the most is when I visit some ones blog because the title interest me and I have to wait 3 minutes for the whole page to pull up (ok that might just be my cheap computer) then once I get interested in reading their post, a pop up ad will flash up. grrrr hate that! I wouldn't want anyone to suffer that when they visit my blog. You can just hop in and start reading. Nice huh?
However, I will share links for free for some. You will see them on either side of my page. No ad, just links. Sort of like free advertising, right?

I don't have a fancy set up with a purchased domain (how do you do that?).
I do not keep a blog journal, my gears do not work that way. I've tried it. When I write, its usually right off my mind. Want to hear about the dream I just had? Just kidding. There have been actual moments I've pulled out my phone and started writing about something going on at the moment. Yes, I've even wrote a whole blog post from my smart phone. I have scheduled a few post because I have more than one thing to share and want to add a little space between them, but again, not planned. My post are fresh off the mind.

Sometimes I will adjust my blog and try to fancy it up just a little bit, for example: I just redone my "recipes" in the recipe tab. Go check it out. I've learned about a site called Inlinkz that helped me build the html code thing to make it all look neat and spiffy. It was easy.

I have been asked to be a guest blogger before but I turned down the opportunity because frankly, I didn't know how that worked and didn't want to sound like a dumb dumb and ask how. Same with having a guest blogger to my blog. I have no problem sharing. It is what it is.

Why do you blog one asked? Well, I want to keep my mind and imagination going. I eventually want to be able to write some interesting things, and be creative. I do not have a lot of traffic to my blog but that's ok I do it mainly for myself. Just puts my mind away from other media and fast pace living we have today.

I want to share things I do with my family (which I've learned that my Mom is the only family that reads my blog).  I also find it relaxing to sit and tell a story or share a recipe or craft.
I hate to read but Im gradually learning to like a book here and there and will usually read one a year. (Stop laughing). I was a failure in English class all my years of school. I hated it. I hated to read but loved to write. Weird huh? I know, It doesn't make much since.

So with all that being said. Don't make fun of my grammar or writing skills.  Im just an ordinary general educated girl. A simple blogger that wants to share her stories and is very thankful for my readers, comments and most of all  "spell check".


  1. Aww I love visiting your blog and I enjoy your crafts and recipes you share. Wishing you a happy new year!! Julie

  2. I think we are kin!! Seriously we do share many of the same attitudes and history. I did not try in English in school, looking back I sure wish I had.
    Visiting here is always a refreshing stop over and it is ALWAYS a joy to see an 'alert'.
    When I started blogging I never thought about anyone except family reading, and I did not expect nor get comments. I still remember my first comment. The sweet lady still drops buy about once a year and has read all my books.
    YOu would be surprised at the readers you have. Sherry read this blog long before she suggested I start, I doubt if she ever make a comment.
    Anyway sending love and warm thoughts your way!

  3. FYI I read everyone of your blogs. It feels like I'm still keeping in touch with you girly. BTW Happy New Year!