French Toast in a Mug [fail]

I have gotten into this frenzy lately about meals you can make in a mug. Single serve dishes you can whip up in a matter of minutes in your microwave. While most turn out great, sometimes they don't work out like they are suppose to.

Everyone post their pretty pictures of recipes that workout and look delicious and easy. But what about those recipes that just don't turn out right? Well I'm fixing to show you one ( I have had worst). 

I decided to make French toast in a mug. I did everything the recipe called for.

I cut up cubes and placed in a buttered remken (same as a mug). 

I poured in the egg and milk mixture and let the bread soak a minute.

I added a few blueberries for sweetness and stuck it in the microwave for a minute and a half.

It come out of the microwave looking wonderful. But then when I dumped it onto my plate , All I really saw was an egg with bread cubes in top. [fail]

Where did I go wrong? Maybe I should have used more bread?  Either way, I added a little sugar free syrup and ate it anyway. It was actually pretty good. I will give this recipe another shot adding more bread next time. 


  1. I like pretty stuff, but the taste is the answer for me. I am not a French toast guy, I think we call it egg toast? Is that the same? I just flop it in the pan. Sherry steers clear of the microwave for what she calls real cooking. I do Rice in the MW but she prefers it stove top.
    But the good point is you do experiment, and even if it is a 'looks failure' the taste worked okay! 'Ats good!

    Love from a rainy Florida but 69*


  2. PS: I think it is good to show the failed recipes!

  3. Aww that is too bad it didn't work out! It sounded good. Maybe there is another recipe for it to try. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I admit to posting about a "flop" in the past. What a disappointment. At least yours was a cup, not a casserole. I was wondering is you let the bread cubes soak up some of the egg mixture for a few minutes like the regular preparation technique. I hope you try it again, it looks like it would taste great. If you want to see my "flop" I think you can see on this link. cooking.html Thanks for sharing your idea.

    1. Well, I guess is will not link up. Maybe, type in the website in the browser?

    2. you might be right about the soak up part. :)

  5. That does look pretty good. Jilda cooks a lot of meals in the crock pot. It takes longer but it cooks while we're working and it's easy to prepare when we're ready. 15 bean soup os one of my faves.

  6. Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary.:) It's as simple as tasty