I Did it! [again]

Its been two years since I completed my Phlebotomy Technician training and received my certificate. Phlebotomy is something I have always wanted to do. (dont ask).

Even though I have not used my skills since I left class, I did have a pretty good stick record. I think I was pretty good at it. Its something once you learn, you never forget. It just takes confidence. I use this knowledge as a back up plan. If my current job ever ends, I will have some sort of education under my belt. However, I would not mind finding some volunteer work now to keep me sharp. (no pun intended).

In my spare time, on the 2nd week of January, I went online and took 8 hours of continuing education classes to renew my certificate. A lot of the answers to the questions on the test came right to me. I remember how nervous I was about passing the first time. In the online classes I refreshed on the things I already knew plus I learned some new things that we never went over in the original class. I find every bit of  studies on this subject interesting. I have no trouble staying intrigued.

The online hours were over and I paid my dues. That was not so hard. It didn't hurt a bit and It didn't include any blood shed this time. 

Three days later I got the letter in the mail.....could it be?

Yes it was.

It was my letter of completion along with my new certificate card. Once again, I'm feeling proud of myself. It's good for another two years. Here's to my first goal achievement for 2016.

Will I ever get to practice my skillz? Time will tell.


  1. I love it, not the 'JOB' but the idea of keeping the certificate current, even if it is not used. Of course you have more reason than I, but every year I reapply for my NC General Contractor's License. In my case I really cannot justify it, but I feel if I don't I'm giving up.
    You on the other hand just might use that. And I am going to tell you if you are skilled at it, and I do not doubt it for a minute, YOU WOULD BE APPRECIATED! When I encounter someone who is GOOD, you bet I compliment them and tell the 'BOSS'.
    In truth I just suffer thru it, if the person just cannot do the job well, I never complain. BUT I do tell it if it is easy, man that is sweet!
    So Good for you!

  2. What a nice accomplishment. Congratulations! I remember the time when my R.N. license was due for renewal and I made the decision to not renew. There is a certain feeling of security when you know you can find a job if need be. And, the job most likely would be better because of the license. The medical field has a high likelihood of job availability. I used my Phlebotomy skills for five years straight when I was working in an Oral Surgery office providing IV sedation. It was fun to challenge myself by keeping track of how long I could have success on the first attempt. Good job - well done.