Ivy Tree

We have only one tree in the yard. Its beautiful to me but my husband thinks its ugly. A tree company told us once that eventually the ivy will take over and kill the tree. Well its been over ten years and the Ivy took over but the tree is still there.

This is all Ivy !!!
When the leaves fall off in the Winter, all that's left behind is the bright green Ivy as if were perfectly placed, transforming the tree into a safe haven for the birds to play. I call it the Ivy tree. 

Looks like its adding a new type of Ivy this year.
Here is more Winter Ivy.
When Spring arrives, it will burst into blooms and transition into a the biggest most beautiful Dog Wood tree in the neighborhood, beautified with white crucifixion flowers. This tree offers a large shade we can resort to on the hot days of Summer.

The birds will rest still in the tangled thickness of the vines. As I look up through the branches, I can actually see their little eyeballs staring back at me. They think I cannot see them. My favorite birds are the turtle doves. They often march out onto the outer branches in pairs and cuddle as they enjoy the warmth of the sun together.

This is full bloom in the Summer

The only Ivy you will see in this tree during the summer are the vines hanging to the ground as if they want to swallow the yard. We keep those cut back because personally, I think they would. Ha. 

I love this tree because it houses many different species of birds and many squirrels. They sing songs and play. I keep them fed and enjoy watching them from my patio or kitchen Window.

We may have to cut the tree back this summer as it will probably reach to the patio and over our grill. 

So, sorry Miss Ivy tree, the patio is mine!


  1. We have Ivy trees in our yard too, and you're right. Birds love these trees.

  2. I love it when you take time to spin a tale. This is good. WE have had several trees with Ivy and was told the same, the Ivy will kill the tree, so far 'not'. BUT it must be true in SOME cases.
    I am not a regular bird watcher, but when I do I am always fascinated. Nature is Beautiful.
    We love visiting your house.