What I love (and hate) about Christmas

Its that time of year we Celebrate the birth of Jesus. I love Christmas time. I will not say its my favorite holiday because actually my favorite is Easter. I'm a spring time person.

There is things I love about Christmas time:

I love that's its all about Christ. His name is spoken of every time someone wishes me a merry Christmas.
I love the smell of Christmas trees and pine.
The excitement I see in children everywhere I go.
Shopping for others. I love buying gifts if I know its something they really want or need.
The smell of Christmas candles.
Special church services.
Time with Family.
Christmas Cards.
Baking delicious goodies
and Christmas songs.

On the other hand. There are things I hate about Christmas time:

I hate when someone puts an "x" in front of "mas" as a short cut. I don't care what it could also mean in Greek or that's its just easier. It does not need to be there.
Black Friday and the stories about it.( I stay out of this whole ordeal).
I hurt when I see or read about needy people (especially kids).
I hate Green and Red! and the two together is just tacky!
and Glitter!

Now its time for me to get with it and start my baking. I'm a little behind on the decorations too. I still have to decorate my bathroom for Christmas! And I just actually thought of that. eeesh!

I also cant wait to share some new recipes I've dug up! Just trying to find the time to get to them.

What are some things you love (or hate) about Christmas time? Go ahead, just spill it out here.

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