Boot Cuffs

I have been wanting to make some cute little boot cuffs. Its something you practically have to buy hand made. I cant seem to find them in any of the store around here in North Carolina. But then again, its 70 degrees in December.

I went to Pinterest to find some ideas on a pair. I attempted a couple but just couldn't seem to get them right so I gave up.

Then I got a few request for some and thought Id give it another try. I ended up making up my own pattern and made a couple pairs. I like the way they turned out.

The first pair went to one of my best friends and the other pair went to my daughter. If you would like a pair, you can special request them in my Etsy shop or if you can crochet here is how I did them.

NOTE: I'm not good at writting the patterns. Just hope you can uderstand how I explain the process.

chain 13
sc across (12)
ch 1 turn, sc in back loop only
   *repeat (ch 1 turn, sc back loop only) until sized to go around your calf. (I did 40rows)
fold and slip stitch together (this is your ribbed cuff).
ch 1, sc in rounds until desired length. ( I did 12).
Tie off and garnish with a button or bow.

Not only are these things stylish and warm, but they will also keep critters out of your boots while your outside playing.

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