Christmas Parade

Great Day for a parade! Not exactly! Our towns Christmas parade was this past weekend. It was so cold...wait....let me go back a day, Saturday it was 56 degrees. Sunday (parade day) it was 34 degrees. It was very cold with a misty rain. That did not stop us for going to the parade. I don't go every year but I was free, and hey, a parade is something you don't see every day.

It was a rather nice parade but I noticed a lot of the regulars were not participating and I'm sure it was due to the forecast.

After church, me and my daughter eat a bite of lunch and headed to the parade. We knew it would be cold so we piled on the jackets and scarves and then made hot chocolate to take with us. I'm fixing to get to  the parade but first let me tell you about the hot chocolate we made. We had just finished talking about peppermint mochas at a local coffee shop when the idea hit me to make our own. We used just regular packs of cocoa mix from the grocery store that you just add water to. We added the water but we also added a peppermint Hershey kiss and a spoon of cool whip to it. It tasted just like a creamy peppermint drink you would buy in a fancy coffee shop. It was delicious and just hit the spot while we waited on the parade to start.

Now, here are a few pictures I took of the Christmas parade. I did the best I could considering the rainy weather and frozen finger tips. Enjoy.

 Our police department color guard always leads the parade.
 Our fire department loaded with children on top.
Its Frosty on a tractor! A tractor that was also on a tractor.

Gotta love the cotton candy man!

Hunter Huss High school marching band and the Huskey mascot

We all know who this is!!

"Who ya gonna call? Ghost busters!!"

Liberty Tax balloon.

Ronald McDonald. He was so funny.

The Grinch again.

The parade always ends with Santa. This Santa was hold a little baby. ???

After I got home and thawed my toes, I wrote Christmas cards to mail. I normally mail about 30 each year. I sometimes think I will not send any cards out, but then I do. We look forward to sending them out every year. We make it part of our tradition. So what if we don't get many back. Its sharing our Christmas cheer and love to everyone dear.

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