A visit to the country

Saturday I attended a baby shower for my best friends first Grandchild. She is so excited because not only is it her first grand baby but its gonna be a little girl. My friend has two boys of her own and now she will have a little granddaughter to dress in pink lace, ruffles and bows. It was great and am glad she invited me.  
The baby shower was located out in the country in a cute little farm house. The home belonged to the great-grandmother-to-be. It reminded me so much of my own grandmothers house. It was small but yet always big enough to hold fifty guest if it had too. It was cozy and welcoming. As we were leaving, I could smell that aroma of Fall. Ok, normally I would be stubborn to take in the fall since I am more in love with the summer and have fall allergies, but I could not help but slip back into another memory. The memory of living at home where my Mom and Dad still reside. They live in the country too where you can smell the cool air, fireplaces and the leaves on the ground that stay unraked. Its also quiet and you can hear birds singing and children playing.

On the way home, Me and my daughter decided to stop in my old home town and grab a sandwich at Sammy's Pub. We both got the same burger but with different cheese. She requested American while I chose the blue cheese crumbles instead. It was delicious! Needless to say, afterwards, we visited another bakery that just so happend to be in walking distance.
Now back to the city, where the work week will come quick.

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