The Mechanic's Mirror

Its no secret, my husband is a professional front end mechanic. His abilities go further than that though. I don't think there is anything he cannot do. If anything breaks or goes wrong, he can fix it. Needless for me to say, he is also a good cook and dishwasher! I learned today that he took a shot at being crafty. Its pretty funny, and hey if works, do it.

The other day something went wrong with my SUV. It was leaking antifreeze from underneath. He noticed it the moment I backed out of the driveway to go to work. He is very observant on this stuff (I think I could get a little ding on the oil pan and he would spot it immediately). So upon checking out the cause for the leak, he spotted a broken clamp around the hose. He fixed that, added more antifreeze and I was off to work again. Yesterday, he noticed the same leak! He checked it and came to the conclusion it needed a "coolant temperature sensor". He read about these things and how they work.

This funny looking little thing was not very easy to find and had to be ordered but he had it the next day and proceeded to repair my vehicle.

Here is where his crafty little idea comes in.

Somewhere, he has a nice telescopic extending mirror. He needs this so while he fixes the problem in the motor, he can also see up from underneath. After tearing the house apart looking for the mirror, he was unsuccessful in finding it and didn't want to have to go buy one at that moment.

He finds an old door mirror in the storage building (it was suppose to have been thrown away a long time ago) and broke it. He took a small piece of the mirror, a clothes hanger, and electrical tape and made his own little mirror.

Here is what an extending mirror suppose to look like (web photo)........
and here is one of a craftsman..........

I know what you must be thinking. "If you break a mirror, then you will have bad luck for seven years".
Well, this little jewel brought good luck. My SUV is up and running like a charm.

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