Is there such thing as Santa?

If your a parent, you will be faced with this innocent question sooner than you really want to. Once your child is in middle school, he or she probably does not believe in Santa but still hold on to the childlike hope.
If your child is asking this question, they probably already know the answer and just want to hear it from you.

Some parents will choose to never let there child believe in Santa from the day they are born. They consider it a "lie" and the christian thing to do is tell the truth from the beginning. My parents had me believing in Santa until I was about 12 years old. Once I knew the real truth, the thought never crossed my mind that they were telling me a lie or any less of a christian. It was more of a fun tradition to make believe a fat man with reindeer flew across the world delivering toys, However, we were always reminded of the birth of Jesus and this is why we celebrate.
The way I see it, is if a child cannot believe in something they cannot see, then this could bring doubt in believing in a God they cannot see. Don't get me wrong. I know God is not an imaginary character but looking from the eyes of a child, this could confuse them until they are old enough to understand.
 image I caught with my phone at a local restaurant just last week.
When your child seems to really have the whole Santa thing figured out, then this is a good time to go ahead and tell them the truth.
St. Nicholas was in fact, a real person from years ago. He was a very religious man and would deliver toys to poor children in his village Just like the wise men did when Christ was born. This legend grew into the story we share now. We should be sure to keep the belief that Santa exist in the hearts and souls of all kind and generous people. Once your child has this understanding, he or she may choose to believe in something even greater.

Is there such thing as flying reindeer? No