Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! If you are like me, then you are about to pop right now and the thing you are most thankful for at this moment is a recliner or elastic waistbands. Wow, I ate so much food! I'm definitely going to have to double up on my Zumba classes next week.

We started the day off making the turkey. We only did a breast this time. My husband (my personal chef) cooked it the traditional the oven.
To prepare the turkey, he stuffs it with butter and wraps it in a buttered cheese cloth to hold in the juices. Works every time.
I made dressing for the first feast. Yes, first feast. We have to go to two places.
First we went to my brother-in-law's to eat and later went to my parents to eat. Both were great. Just being around the families are some of the best times. We really missed some of the other family members that were not there. They were enjoying Thanksgiving at the beach with more family.
Oh my goodness! look at this plate of food for round one.
"what diet?"
My daughter made two cranberry salads, one for each visit. Some people call it congealed salad. Cranberry is not a favorite of mine but this is delicious.
Here is the table at my parents house for round two. Everyone hangs out all day long. There are little ones running around and a lot of talking and cutting up. They also had a whole table of desserts too but I was just too full to get up and photograph it.
Now, where is my skinny drink?

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  1. Looks like it was a delicious thanksgiving!
    Happy Thanksgiving from the Wilcox Family!