My first knitting!

I'm one of those people that when something gets on my mind to do, whether it be cooking, cleaning, a craft, or even a vision of something to draw, I have to do right then. Kind of like this blog. I believe I actually started it between a TV show and commercial.

Well, I have always wanted to knit. I can crochet, but not knit. So the anticipation started building again during a conversation with my friend Crystal, who can knit the cutest hats. She was telling me how easy it was with a knitting loom. My mind was made up to try it. 

Meanwhile, looking at other blogs and websites, there it was! .........

A picture of the scarf that's been on my mind all along. So that night I had to go out and get me a ball of yarn and a knitting loom. After watching several you tube videos on how to use the crazy looking loom, I was actually doing it. I was on my way to making a scarf. A cowl neck scarf to be exact. Im not really sure why I even need a scarf like this for where I live. It really only gets cold in January and February and cold to me is below 40.  
My photos are different shades because one was taken with my cell phone and one with a camera. But the yarn was mainly brown with earthtone colors mixed in.

I spent a total of about 3 hours on it. A heavier yarn would have worked better. It was not as close knit and heavy as it needed to be. The local craft store didn't seem to have wooden buttons so I bought some wooden rounds and had my wonderful husband drill holes in them to make them "buttonish". Is that even a word? Well, It is now.

The finished project.
Next time, I'm gonna try using knitting needles and do it the old fashion way. I can hardly wait to try. I'm going to get my Moms knitting needles while I'm visiting her for Thanksgiving which will be another story!


  1. absolutely BEAUTIFUL work!!! you did it! i love the colors in the yarn. you have inspired to get my bum moving and start on the cowl scarf :O)

    ps nice job on the "buttons". adds a nice touch :O)

  2. very pretty!! you would never know that was the first one you have ever done! and i LOVE the buttons! :)

  3. I want one of love love it!!!!