Crochet Frenzie

I have just been on this little crochet frenzy lately. Really, I do it every night! I'm not complaining though. I'm having a good time with it and I amaze myself once I get something completed. I hold it in the air, give it a turn, smile a little, look over at my husband and with a little giggle I say, "look what I did".

It all started last year when I made little baby booties and sold them on EBay. Then I was introduced to Etsy where you make and sale homemade items. I have been a member on Etsy for a while but just recently opened my own Etsy shop. I just took a wild shot in the dark that anyone would want to buy any of my items. But I have had a couple sales and this tickles me. I named my shop "LiLiDi's". Why? Well, LiLi is what my siblings called me when they were little before they could say my name and then my father-in- law started calling me that because it is also one of my screen names. And Di is the first two letters of my middle and last name. I thought it all went together nicely and its easy for me to remember. You can find my shop HERE.

Recently one of my crochet baby hats was noticed by a local photographer in town called Encaptured & Co.. that wanted to buy it for a photo prop and since then, shes kept me pretty busy asking me to make items to use in photo shoots of little babies and even animals. She gives me some ideas and I go with it. You can see some of her work HERE. I am also making some items for my friends.

Here are a couple photo shots from Encapatured and Co. using my crochet creations. You can see these and a few more in my "crochet photo page". If your local, you should definitely look them up. They do great shots and have great prices. Encaptured and Co. will let you choose your interest and they make it memories.

Here are a few other items I made for Photo props along the way.

I have another crochet prop that I made and hope to post later, but for now, I choose not to show it and keep it a surprise until the photographer uses it. I'm hoping it will work out.

UPDATE: It worked perfectly!

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Diamonds and Daggers

"Diamonds and Daggers"

That's the name of the semi-formal that my daughter was in charge of for her sorority. Since she is on the formal chair, she was responsible for the whole venue for a semi formal.

This was a big task for her and a new experience.

She needed some help on a decoration that represented the theme of diamonds and daggers. So, my husband put on his creative hat and created the perfect thing. He went to the local craft store for some foam board to cut out some diamonds and found some daggers in some clearance Halloween supplies at the dollar store. He measured, drew up ideas and cut until it was just right.

Once finished, he had created a lovely prop for her to use for photos or decorations.

She ended up using it for a center piece on the food table.

With the buses lined up to go and DJ turning on the sound, the night was ready. It all went well even though they ran out of food. You know how those college kids can eat! She should have doubled the food but she was on a limited budget from the sorority.
She took a few pictures for me to share.

Cupcakes from a local bakery

The party room entrance.

The food table ready for everyone to come.
Every one dancing and having a good time. Well, almost everyone.
Yay! Between exams, homework, job, and meetings she did a good job getting this together!

She now has to plan for a big formal to be held in the spring. She said there was a lot she learned from doing this and a lot of things she will do different with the next one.