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"A Good Kid In Trouble"

I just had the privilege to read another book from one of my favorite Authors, Jack Darnell. He is also the Author of the Shipslog blog. I'm sorta Partial to Jack. Hes one of my favorite peoples. We are from the same area, and have a lot in common despite the age gap. haha.
"You can't say I don't know Jack". Haha.
Go check em out.

I have other blogging friends that have written books as well such as Rick, Diana, Fran, and R.MacWheeler to name a few. I love these people!
Hmmm. Wonder if I can write a book? ha, Na don't think so, I can't even write a blog post that makes sense most of the time.

This is the third book by Darnell I've read. Mary Ann being the first. The second one of his books I read was The Appalachian Trail. I found this book to be very interesting and I even learned some new things. There was a chapter in the AT book that mentioned running up on a troubled boy named Johnny. Not much is said about Johnny but enough to make you wonder where he came from and where he went in life. 

Well the latest book by Jack Darnell is called Johnny, The Trail and Trials will pick up on the Johnny story. I'm glad I read this book as it solved my wondering about this teen. However, you do not have to read the Appalachian Trail to understand this book. You will enjoy it either way.

I loved this book! It was large print and easy to read (which I like). It was interesting from the very beginning. My nose was buried in the pages from the start. The people and places in Jacks books are all so familiar to me as some of the settings often take place in towns and places around me. Though some names have been changed, I can often relate to who the real person is he's talking about. Then again some names stay the same [wink].

While reading this book, I felt like I was actually sucked into the story somehow. [literally]. It was a fun read that would jerk a tear one minute and trigger a laugh the next. There are twists in the story that will make you not want to put this book down. If you have ever lost a loved one, raising or know a teenager or are a teenager yourself, you may be able to relate to this book. 

Again, I am impressed that Jack can write a book while RV traveling with his beautiful wife, remodel a home and keep his blog going daily. I do good just finding time write a comment sometimes. 

Johnny, The Trail of Trials along with Jacks other books are all available on in paperback or e-book.
You will enjoy it. 

"Teenagers aren't bad, just misunderstood".


Children's Book- Momma Don't You Worry

I just read the cutest little children's book.
"Momma Don't You Worry"- By: Louie Lawent


We have all heard this from our little ones and sometimes they have to learn things on their own.
Unfortunately my daughter is an adult now but I would have loved to have read this book to her. I now have a little nephew and niece that would love a story like this. Its on a level that any small child will understand.

While I read it, It took me back to a time my little girl was about six years old and wondered off from us in a store. That's as much as I'm going to say about the book because my story of that day was way to similar.

This book is a poetic story from a six year old's point of view. You know, that age just when they start getting curious. The little boy in the book learned a lesson and I think all small children would enjoy to hear this story as much as adults would enjoy reading it to them. It is very short (my kind of reading) and to the point. One minute your child will have a look of concern on their face and the next minute they will laugh. The book is so simple that your child may even be reading it themselves before you know it.

"Momma Don't You Worry" By: Louie Lawent is available now to download from Amazon for Kindle or Kindle for iPhone.

Mary Ann

"Mary Ann"

This is the name of the book I just finished reading.
Its also the name of one of my best friends Mother.
Who is also The main subject of this book.

I kept seeing this book advertised on Mary Ann's face book page and just had to ask about it.
Written by: Jack Darnell
He was a friend of Mary Ann and her family who are also mentioned in the book. He offered me a signed copy and within a week, I was reading it.

Let me start by saying, I am not big on reading. I am a slow reader. I always had a reading disability growing up. That's one reason I started blogging and also probably why a lot of my stories do not make much since. But Im learning. Im trying to strengthen my reading/ understanding skills. So, I choose a book or two to read each year. Im finding the more I read, the easier it is. I actually enjoy it when I can find a quiet spot to curl up in.

Mary Ann was a great book. It had me in suspense from the start. This book was printed in a larger print which I was thrilled to see. It made it so easy to read.
I quickly got wrapped up in this book as I was reading it. I can usually guess the end of a book or movie from the beginning but not this time, as soon as I thought I had it figured out, the story would shift. It was interesting and I could not wait to get to the end. What also made this book fun for me to read were the places and names within in the story. They were familiar as the story takes place around the city in which I live.

I've had the pleasure of meeting the real Mary Ann a few times and even had small talk with her while I visited her at her camper on the beach. She often camps in the same travel park that we do.
I will not tell you what the book is about or how it ends but I will say while the story of Mary Ann was fiction, he describes her sweet personality to a "T". Having met her, I could imagine her facial expressions as I read through her dilemma.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes mystery and suspense . If you like the law and order type TV shows, you will enjoy this book.

MaryAnn (the book) can be purchased  HERE on Amazon or for Kindle. You can also purchase the book from createspace  HERE .
Jack also writes in his blog Shipslog  where he shares his journey through life with his lovely wife.