Children's Book- Momma Don't You Worry

I just read the cutest little children's book.
"Momma Don't You Worry"- By: Louie Lawent


We have all heard this from our little ones and sometimes they have to learn things on their own.
Unfortunately my daughter is an adult now but I would have loved to have read this book to her. I now have a little nephew and niece that would love a story like this. Its on a level that any small child will understand.

While I read it, It took me back to a time my little girl was about six years old and wondered off from us in a store. That's as much as I'm going to say about the book because my story of that day was way to similar.

This book is a poetic story from a six year old's point of view. You know, that age just when they start getting curious. The little boy in the book learned a lesson and I think all small children would enjoy to hear this story as much as adults would enjoy reading it to them. It is very short (my kind of reading) and to the point. One minute your child will have a look of concern on their face and the next minute they will laugh. The book is so simple that your child may even be reading it themselves before you know it.

"Momma Don't You Worry" By: Louie Lawent is available now to download from Amazon for Kindle or Kindle for iPhone.


  1. Growing up, anytime we did something new, my mama being a product of the farm and knowing about cow horns, mama would say, 'Well that is another wrinkle in your horn'. As I read this I was reminded how you graciously did a review of my latest book, "Mary Ann". Now a second book. Children's books are very important, and you brought back times of hearing my wife read to our sons, until they nad memorized the book. They could tell if 'daddy' skipped pages! (smile). I did really enjoy this entry, neat!
    Love sent from central Florida!

  2. Like the cat, 'I came back'. What I was thinking earlier and did not complete it, Sherry brags on your talent so much, and it is easy to see, so maybe your talent will spread out to be a reviewer of books!! (smile)

    1. no Jack! I Im not a big reader. LOL. Thanks so much for your sweet comments. Tell Sherry I said Thank you!!!!