Tuesday 4- Moving

Welcome to Tuesday 4. 
A fun four question post continued in the memory of Toni Taddeo, It’s original author. 
Let’s have some fun. 

Todays Subject: Moving

1. How far away are you from where you grew up?
I live about 10 miles from where I grew up. My parents still live in the home place. I also live in the same district I lived in until I was seven. 

2. Families sometimes move all over the country.Do you feel that a family should try to stay close together?
I think people should live where they can be happy. Some people prefer living close to family but some enjoy living afar so they can have a place to come home too and visit. For me, I do not mind moving away if I get the chance but still want to be within a comfortable drive from my daughter and momma and daddy.

3. How many times have you moved in your life and would you like to share when and where you moved?
I have been married twice so I have moved a few times. But the total moves I have made in my life is seven times. Three before I was married and four after. If I don't count the temporary places I’ve lived, It would only be 4.

4. What brought you to where you are living now and are you happy there?
When we got married we bought and lived in my husbands late grandparents home. The property was sold to a video store and we moved to our current home which is bigger and better. We used to be happy here but now not so much. A lot has changed in our neighborhood in the past 18 years. We also would like to downsize one day and maybe even move to the beach. 

Thanks to Anne for organizing the Tuesday 4 questions.


  1. Hi Lisa 1. I live 2015 km approx from my home town in the UK. Some of my cousins still live there and also some of my school friends.

    2. You have to go where you can build and take care of your own family. In my case it had to be returning to my husband's country so he could continue working in his profession.
    3. I have moved four times,once as a child from the village where I was born to a larger town Minehead after my father returned from the war.The four other times from Minehead to London,London to the Canary Islands and Canary Islands to Alicante Spain, all after I got married.
    4.My FIL retired and asked my husband to take over the family business so we moved back to Alicante. We are very happy here. My UK family are only 2hrs away via plane so we often see each other.
    I enjoyed that...something different! keep well Amanda x

  2. I sometimes dream of living by the beach, but will probably stay in the area where we are and just vacation at the beach. Usually we spend 3 weeks at the beach in November each year.

  3. Oh how I love to move to the beach!! One day!! Happy Tuesday!

  4. Nice to read your answers. I've moved a total of 16 times in my life - 11 of them since I've been married. We lived in Scotland for 4 years and Puerto Rico for 3 years.
    I grew up in northern NJ which is about 350 miles from where I live now.
    We enjoy living in the woods even in the winter. :)

  5. I would love to move to the beach! I am in Missouri, so we are landlocked. We do have beautiful lakes here though. Loved your answers. Have a nice week.


  6. 1. I have ended up about 10 miles from where I was born.
    2. I think it would be great if the family was within 100 miles of each other. We have Grand kids about 2000 miles away and it is tough.
    3. If your dad is a pastor and then you join the military you MOVE! LOL In North Carolina, Shelby, High Shoals, Burlington, Albemarle, Valdese, Belmont, Rutherfordton and the New Hope Community. Two towns in Missouri, Biloxi Mississippi, Norfolk, D.C. Albany, GA, Key West, Tavares, FL, Leesburg, FL and Cuba
    4. WE live in Belmont part time because this is where Sherry was born and raised. We have been going to Florida for the past few years for the winter months. We are not sure of the future, mauybe it is time to settle in Belmont….
    Lve from over here’
    Sherry & jack.
    PS: Now I must look up Crafty, I know I have ben to Alicante.... Gotta check that out...

  7. PS: Yep been to Alicante Spain. Beautiful city, we pulled in for food and ship repairs. That sure kicked in some thinking.

  8. I have lived in South TX right on the water, and yes LIFE IS A BEACH my hope (God's plan) that I will be able to go back someday I hope you have a great week

  9. It would be so nice if the families could stay together in the same area. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as much anymore like it did when we were growing up. My mom had all her kids in the same area, oh my. Kids go off to college now, and everything changes. I just moved to the mountains in the later years of my life, and it's so peaceful here. So, I appreciate your answer to number 2, that we should live where we are happy. I lived very close to the girls in So Cal, which I loved, but did not like living there. And I'm happiest in northern Cal. : )

    I hope the new year is being good to you, Lisa, and I love that photo of you on the side bar.....beautiful.