Captcha- Is it just me?

This is a blogger to blogger post.

I read through my favorite blogs each day and then branch out and read more blogs. I like to comment on the ones I read but I have been slack at doing that lately because every time I comment I have to prove I am not a robot before it will accept it. I hate doing this. I aggravates me.
This used to happen only a few times, and that was ok, but now it’s every single time. I have to click on all the bicycle pictures or frirehydrates, busses or bridges. I spend more time doing this than actually posting a comment. It is annoying. 

So my question is, does everyone have this problem or is it just me? Does anyone know how I can avoid this?
Personally on my blog, I do have the “Captcha” turned on but only for comments on post that are over 90 days old. Thats usually the ones that the spammers seem to hit. 

Do you have to prove your not a robot when you comment on my page? 
Maybe it a new Google or blogger thing. Maybe its just my settings. 

I’d love your input on this. 


  1. My blog doesn't have a capcha, but I know what you mean. It really is for security that some people want it on their blog. Funny cartoon!
    Hope you are well.
    jess xx

  2. I just checked my blog. The captcha thing is there but in settings it is OFF. I never click to prove I am not a robot and my comments post anyway. So far I am not seeding one on yours, but I have not clicked Publish yet. And YES those things are aggravating. I even miss some on the pictures and must kep on going. I can't remember but it seems I may have been rejected because I DID NOT click the capcha thingee. once or twice in the last 6 months. I cannot remember. however I do see them on most blogs but do not click them..... If I don't come back with a PS, I did not see one here. Like I said so far.... none

  3. I'm back anyway, no I did not see a Capcha here. I am gonna try to remove the one from my blog. I do have one, but still get spam.... I am not sure if the one I have works. I know I don't use it if I comment on mine. BUT you certainly did bring up a good subject...

  4. I went back to my settings and turned on the word verification. Then made a comment w/o using the recap thing, it did not tell me anything but when I hit publish, it went off as usual but DID NOT publish the comment. I used to have the same thing happen on Rick's blog. I went back to settings and turned off 'word verification' and the recaptcha thingee was still there, I ignored it and my comment published. So mine is useless anyway with it being off, I am trying to get rid of the recapcha thing but do not know how. the instructions I looked up did not work on my blog.
    Confusing for sure.

  5. I am surprised robots can't be programmed to click those little boxes. Come to think of it, I'd like to have robots comment on my posts. I wonder what they'd say.

    I have comment moderation on, so no Captcha.

  6. Haven't run across that problem. I see the little box that says click to prove you're not a robot but I just ignore it and never have a problem.

  7. Thanks everyone. I did not realize I can skip clicking on the captcha. It worked for me.

  8. I understand how that could be so annoying for you. I haven't had that happen lately when I read blogs, but in the early days, it happened a few times on certain blogs. I hope things get better for you when you read your favorite blogs each morning.


  9. Hi! New reader here! Like you I found having to click on those pictures very annoying! But like your commenters said you can just click on post comment and it works!