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Captcha- Is it just me?

This is a blogger to blogger post.

I read through my favorite blogs each day and then branch out and read more blogs. I like to comment on the ones I read but I have been slack at doing that lately because every time I comment I have to prove I am not a robot before it will accept it. I hate doing this. I aggravates me.
This used to happen only a few times, and that was ok, but now it’s every single time. I have to click on all the bicycle pictures or frirehydrates, busses or bridges. I spend more time doing this than actually posting a comment. It is annoying. 

So my question is, does everyone have this problem or is it just me? Does anyone know how I can avoid this?
Personally on my blog, I do have the “Captcha” turned on but only for comments on post that are over 90 days old. Thats usually the ones that the spammers seem to hit. 

Do you have to prove your not a robot when you comment on my page? 
Maybe it a new Google or blogger thing. Maybe its just my settings. 

I’d love your input on this.