Cupid and Valentines

Eros: The Greek God of love. Romans refer to him as Cupid (meaning desire).
He was born to Aprodite Goddess of Love and Ares the God of war. Imagine that. If you think about it, put all that together and you got todays world. Erotic, desire, God, love, war..etc.

Ok, that was my little Greek Mythology lesson for today. Sorry Dad.
I remember my Dad used to hate it when we would study Greek Mythology at school. Little did he know, I loved this subject. I found it interesting but only Myths (like fairy tales) and knew it had no biblical reference. 

Back to cupid....
Cupid, as we call him, is a well known imaginary half naked angel that comes around on Valentines Day and shoots people with his arrow and makes them fall in love. Silly isnt it? Even though Valentines is not a religious day, its a day to show kindness and love with chocolate, candy, flowers, cards, doughnuts.......opps. Ok I got carried away. 
Anyway, Since we really don't have a little Cupid around now days, I try to spread the love myself. I do all kinds of little things in the days leading up to Valentines Day. 

I used to make my daughter heart shaped pancakes every Valentines morning. This stopped a couple years ago when it got too hard to get them to her after she moved away. If she is home on Valentines day, I will make her a plate of them. I have already given her a basket of goodies when she came over the other day. She was also a sweetie and brought us some heart shape cocoa bombs.

They are filled with cocoa, sprinkles, marshmallow and other goodies. You pour hot milk over top of them and they will burst open and release their insides making a nice cup of cocoa. 

Friday, I made some chocolate covered strawberries to share with the office. I made over a dozen so I may take some to my daughter or keep them here for myself. I may make some heart shaped brownies later. 

Today, depending on the weather, we may meet our daughter for Valentine Lunch. Later on, me and Nick plan to do a nice quiet dinner somewhere special. Not sure where that will be yet. So far we can’t seem to get any reservations anywhere. We have been trying since last week! I don’t care where we end up as long as we are together. I love that man so much. 

What are your Valentines Day plans?


  1. Thanks for the mythology lesson, I did not know that! There were some Greek stuff I remember, and yes knowing it was all just that myths (I think! LOL) Those strawberries go for over $50 a doz. Yes I know, we received a dozen awhile back from one of our sweethearts, our DIL! (I just had to check the price unbeknownst to her I hope)

    Enjoyed the visit, loved the idea of hear shaped pancakes, gotta remember that!
    From your old haometown,
    Sherry & jack

  2. PS: We did not think of reservations and just dropped by Red Lobster, Sherry's favorite place. The wait was 35 mins and we could not wait inside, Outside it was raining, so we skipped.
    WE ended up at Popeyes. LOL
    Thinking of you, Happy Valentines...

  3. Love the post. those strawberries look yummy. Happy Valentines Day. Enjoy

  4. Love those chocolate dipped strawberries. Yumy!!

  5. Everything looks so pretty and delicious! Hope you had a great day! I had the grands so we did enjoy making valentines and eating delicious goodies.