Vintage Cape

Today I’m itching to share this handmade crochet cape with everyone. (No pun intended). This cape is actually soft and not itchy the way I imagine most crochet is. My skin in sensitive to anything made with acrylic or wool, like most vintage yarns, but this seems to feel ok.

My mom gave me this cape (or shawl) thinking it might be something I would like. Well, truth is, “not really” but this vintage piece is growing on me. Even though I do a lot of crochet, I do not like to wear it. Does that even make any since?

This cape is over 50 years old. My moms mother gave it to her. We are not sure if my grandmother actually made it or if someone else made it for her. Either way, I am actually beginning to like this thing. It sort of brings out the boho chic in me (or is it hobo chic?). I like how it goes with my distressed jeans and last years Fall booties.

I’m not really sure if this is called a cape or shawl, but it hangs over the shoulders with waist length arm openings. The arm holes sit at the perfect length so I can slip my arms in and use my hands freely while keeping the cape from falling off. 

It has multiple different crochet stitches that add a delicate touch. With the wide collar, long fringe and crochet buttons down the front, It definitely has that 70’s look. 

Will I ever wear it? I’m not sure at this point. It's possible but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I would definitely wear it open and not buttoned. It rarely gets cold enough here to enjoy the warmth anyway, but who knows? I may bring the 70's back. 


What do you think? 
Is this a shawl or a cape? 

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  1. The vintage cape looks good on you Lisa! I'm like that too. I have a lot of crochet items that I've made that I don't wear lol!

  2. Oh wow I love your pretty crocheted cape on you and you should wear it opened. I love old handmade items like this. Have fun wearing it. :)

  3. You are sooo talented! This looks so beautiful on you...the detail is stunning!

  4. I like it.. But leave it unbuttoned.. For sure..

    1. Hahah you see it my way. definitely unbuttoned! I was trying to mimic the model.

  5. Wear it--it looks great!!

  6. i like it unbuttoned. looks hip and cool with your jeans.

  7. Lisa, you look so cute. Love the cape on you with those distressed jeans and booties. Darling look unbuttoned.

  8. Wow - I think this looks beautiful on you - and what a fun story!

  9. That's really cute. It's so nice to have something handmade that is vintage. I could see it with white booties that are so on-trend right now.