Hurricane Florence- Monday

Good morning. It’s monday morning and hurrican Florence has finished making her rounds (no pun intended). 

The morning is still and quiet. It looks gloomy outside but no rain or wind. I think the sun supose to come out today. 

One of my blogging friends lives in South Carolina and has written an update on the hurricane in her area. You can read about it here.

Yesterday was a long one as we sat in the house all day with no TV or internet due to a broken cable line somewhere up the road. As of this morning, we are still without it. I hope they fix it soon. It rained constantly so we were not able to go out for a walk. There was no thunder or lightning so we could have walked in the rain but Nick is fighting off a cold so I do not think that would have been a healthy choice. 

We made a trip to the grocery store and to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. We did not see any flooding. We seen a couple tree limbs that had fallen around the area but no serious damages. However, we did hear of a fatality when a tree fell on a trailer. There were more damages and fatalities in other parts of the state. Lucky for us, we are on higher grounds. Trees are our only threat right now.

My brother in law made it back to his home at the beach. A four hour trip took him seven hours. There were several roads closed due to flooded bridges. He had to take unkown detours. He said the beach was a ghost town with everything closed ups. Things should be getting back to normal today.

I’m heading off to work now. I hope everything continue to stay still and safe around here. 

Playing in the rain.   


  1. Good to hear everything was well and you weathered the storm. We didn't lose power or water, which we were thinking we might. I feel for those on the coast. So glad it is over and things can go back to normal.
    have a good week!
    jess xx

  2. Sooo happy you were spared and looking so stinking cute playing in the rain.

  3. I have one of those big golf umbrellas and take it with me on my walk many days. : )

  4. I’m glad you all are safe. Sometimes people living inland become complacent but those storms are strong and have the ability to cause problems hundreds of miles away.

  5. Glad you're safe Lisa! The day started off sunny, but yesterday night we had a thunderstorms. Thanks for sharing my update on your post! It's so important to keep the community informed!

  6. I'm glad to hear you are ok! Hope things are back to normal soon!

  7. Glad you are safe and well, Lisa - so scary what that storm did to NC!!

  8. Our area only got hit by mild strong winds and kinda heavy rain but not enough to flood or be any real concern. I never missed a day of work. These times is the reason I'd never want to live at the beach. Charleston was lucky (for a Cat 4 anyway), but Wilmington...not so much.