This Weekend

This weekend- I am having a little trouble blogging and I’m rather aggrivated. I do all my blogging from my iPad pro. and occasionally from my iphone. Blogger does not support ipad any longer, so I bought an app called “Blog Touch Pro”. It links to my blogger. I can write a post from there and it is just like writing one on blogger. If I need to work with my blogger settings or layout, then I have to go to my desktop computer in the other room. It’s frustrating sometimes but I’ve adapted pretty well and happy with the app now for a couple years. HOWEVER, when my ipad did an update to IOS 12.0, the blog touch pro crashes and will not stay on more than a second. I have contacted them and they are aware of this and are in the process of fixing it. I wish they would hurry. I could be using the desk top computer now but im Blogging from an iphone, that’s where my photos are.

This weekend- We did some shopping for a couple last minute birthday gifts for my daughter. I saw a lot of things I wanted for myself but held out for another day.

I seen these little wizards things at Belks and fell in love.

I wanted one so bad but not at $30.00. I’d rather put that toward a pair of Fall booties. I shopped for those too but could not find the ones I want.

Then I saw this little biscut can thingy.

I just had no idea what I needed it for. I just liked it. I can’t afford things I “just like”. I have to save for things I “need”, like shoes and pocketbooks. 
Girls, you get it.

I went to the dollar store to get wrapping paper and grabbed these two adorable kitchen towels.

One for me and one for my daughter.

This Weekend- We got out early Saturday morning to the YMCA to watch my little 4 year old nephew play his first ever soccer game. 
He is number 4.

Those kids are just the cutest things. Some played their little hearts out and some stood on the field and cried for their moms. Here is number 4 and his poppy consoling a little boy that was upset.

During the game, you would find some players picking flowers and some doing cartwheels. They were just so funny. The coaches were worn out.

Number 4 was asked to block the goal. Here he is doing just that.

This weekend- We took our daughter out for her birthday dinner with family at the Thia House.

She was showered with gifts, cards and birthday wishes. 

It was a great ending to a long weekend.

Now its back to work. It’s going to be a long day on Monday as I have had some computer and employee problems to deal with, but I will get through it. I always do.


  1. Your nephew is adorable!! (And so are the gnomes.)

  2. What fun but do dorry about the iPad/blogger crap. I struggle too and have to use my PC. On a sweeter note, what a precious nephew and again Happy Birthday to that beautiful baby girl of yours! xo

  3. I still always blog from my desk top. I like the big screen.
    That's funny about the little kids playing soccer.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  4. It is no fun working around the tech problems with blogging. BUT but it is fun watching the wee ones running and playing learning to use their feet.
    Love from over here, still awaiting news from Atlanta!

  5. I typically use my phone or my laptop to blog. I had no idea blogger doesn't let you use iPad to blog anymore! Once again happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! You picked up great Fall decor!

  6. How frustrating with all the technology problems sheesh! I use my laptop for blogging I just airdrop my photos from my phone to the laptop and go from there. I loved when my boys were that age and played soccer or should I say, 'bunch ball' Your number 4 is adorable and those shirts are so cute the way they hang down. Looks like a fun birthday for your daughter, the cake, how yummy and festive!
    Take care