Whats Been Growing in My Garden

I will be the first to tell you I do not have a green thumb. I can kill a plastic plant and that's the truth.
Every Summer I try to grow something. I wish I could grow some tomatoes and cucumbers but every time I get a plant growing, something comes out of the wild and eats it. I'm not sure if its rabbits, birds or squirrels. Though I have seen some raccoons and fox around. Trying to succeed in growing any kind of plant is a struggle for me but I did manage to get a few things growing.

At the beginning of Summer one of the managers at work gave me a sunflower plant that was already about a foot tall so I stuck it in the ground and it grew a couple inches each day until it reached about 8 feet tall and made a beautiful sunflower. Now the petals have fallen off and I'm waiting for time to harvest it so I can give some seeds to my sister and save some for me to replant next year.

Knowing my luck, I will wait too long and the birds will have eaten all the seeds but so far nothing has bothered them. They need a few more days to dry.

I also purchased two egg plants this year. I chose a purple one and a white one. Something keeps eating at them but when I came home from vacation last week, I had a white egg plant!

It's not quiet ready yet. It needs to get a little bigger. I see a few buds on the purple egg plant so I hope they give me some fruit too.

And last but not least, last summer I took a seed from a lemon slice and planted it just to see if it would grow. This is how it looks so far.

I kept it inside all Winter and put it out on the patio during the Summer. It seems to be happy in the sunshine. It also smells wonderful! I'm so afraid it will wilt when I bring it in again this Winter. This is my little buddy.

That's all I have. But of course I didn't break my back or have to use any mules to get this hard work accomplished.


  1. I know what you mean about killing a plastic plant, LOL. I can grow almost anything outside, but I have never . . . NEVER . . . been able to keep homes plants alive. If they are green in my house, then they are silk and not real.
    Have a sweet week.
    Connie :)

  2. Love it, how I adore eggplant so that is super fun. I have never tried a lemon plant but always up for a fragrant smelling one. I do have a green thumb but haven't gone veggies in years, only flowers but I think I will put in a raised bed next year. Have a marvelous Monday sweets!

  3. I've tried to set out some plants before. They always get eaten up long before I can benefit from the effort. Sigh

  4. Oh how cool, I'd love to have a mini lemon tree!! I have a fig tree in a pot I bring in for the winter, but no figs yet....it's only two years old. Maybe next year!

  5. love the lemon tree. eggplant is pretty cool too. the sunflower must have been gorgeous before it wilted.

  6. First I've seen a sunflower like that.

  7. Sad to say, I, to, have a black thumb!!

  8. I've never tried growing a white eggplant. That is pretty cool.
    Love those mammoth sunflowers.

  9. Good job. We had sunflowers this year too. We didn’t plant as much as we have in the past.
    Those lemon trees will grow as long as you let them. We have on over 10 feet tall.

  10. You did a wonderful job with your garden Lisa!