Nick and I are always trying to decide what to eat on Sundays. It’s the day of the week that we nibble all day in the kitchen and when it comes to dinner time, we are not in the mood to fix something at home. This is also the day week that we fill the car up with push water and stop by the post office to check the business mail. While we are out, we go ahead and grab a bite of supper.

There are a couple new eating joints in our town. One is Bad Daddy’s burgers and One is Viva Chicken. These two places just opened up a couple weeks ago and are located next each other. So we headed that way. We had planned to try the one that was less crowded. Well, It just so happened that both restaurants were over packed with customers waiting outside. That ended that idea and put us back to square one. Now where are we going to eat?

Noodles & Company was near by and was another place we had never tried. It's been here for a couple years now. There was just something about the thought of a bowl of romaine noodles that was not appetizing and sounded full of calories. If we wanted that, we could just get a ten cent pack of oodles and noodles and stay home. 

Well, it was getting late and we like to eat before 7 pm,  so we figured we would just go ahead and shoot over to the Noodles & Company and give it a try. My cousin was just telling us how good it really was earlier that day. So we go in for a bowl of noodles

I was actually surprised at the selection of noodle bowls they had. There were healthy options such as zucchini noodles added to the menu along with salads and soups. They even had low calorie options. The bowls come in small or large and you can add a meat to any bowl that does not already come with it. 

I picked the Thai Green Curry With Shrimp and a bowl of curry chicken soup. It was had the perfect spiciness that was not too hot for my taste. Nick ordered the zucchini noodles which is called “Zoodles”. We tried each others dish and was not disappointed. This place was really good. We were impressed and it was nothing like what we thought.  There was even out door seating which we love. 

I’m glad we tried it out. We plan to go back again soon. 


  1. It sounds like you had a nice time!

  2. Daisy would probably like that place, she's a big fan of noodles

  3. We used to eat at a Noodles where we used to live. I thought it was pretty good. None around here.

  4. I’ve always wanted to eat at one of those. Can you believe my husband doesn’t like noodles? Lol.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. We have the chain here and I was under the impression it was all about Asian noodles (which I could eat everyday if I wasn't counting carbs!). Sounds like there is something for everyone. Maybe I'll give it a shot on one of my cheat days!


  6. I don't think we have one here...I love it when I go in a place that turns out a whole lot better than I was expecting....xo