Acorns are one of my favorite Fall reminders. They fall from the trees and bonk us on the head to remind us Autumn is just around the corner and then the squirrels will scurry around for the best acorn nuts to stash away for Winter.

I remember as a little girl before my teenage years, my daddy would give me pocket knives. I loved to go out into the yard and find giant acorns of many colors. They were so many swirling with colors of Autumn. I would sit on the steps of our front porch and twiddle out the centers of the acorns with my tiny pocket knife. I was extra careful not to cut myself or mom would take the knife away. I would then string the acorn beads to make a necklace. 

Well, Fall is just around the corner so I thought it would be fun to share some ideas of ways to decorate with acorns. 

BUT FIRST!....Rick over at life101 blog, made a comment the other day saying he thought I should make some acorn earrings and had no idea what made him think of that. I responded to him “ don’t tempt me”. Well Rick, here they are (modeled by my daughter). You gave me the idea and I did it. Haha. 

I made these crochet acorn earrings and kept the natural acorn tops. 
These are one of a kind. I may be making more depending on the interest. 
Buy them here: LiLiDi’s on Etsy 

I love these Adorable wooden acorns
They would look so pretty displayed inside or outside and you do not even have to worry about the squirrels stealing them from you. 
Find them here: The Holiday Barn

How about these cute acorn napkin rings
They can bring Autumn to my dining anytime. (Except Spring of course). 
Learn to make these here:

Acorn Marble Necklaces are something I have done in the past but they did not turn out nearly as darling as these little sun catchers.
These would be perfect party favors or used as ornaments too.
Step by Step video at:  Rhythms of Play

How about pulling out a book with you favorite page marked with this fuzzy felt acorn book mark. 
Buy here: Vart on Etsy

I start decorating for Fall on the last week of September. 
During October, I will just add few spooky things to the mix until its over then back to just the Fall look through Thanksgiving. 

How do you like to decorate for Fall? 


  1. Cutest lil earrings ever!!!! LOVE them!!

  2. Those earrings are adorable, Lisa - you are truly so talented!! Love those napkin holders, they're awesome!

  3. I have to echo Debbie above, love the Acornites!
    You are so creative, love to see your ideas that come to fruition. You are the Tin tops that is for sure in crafts.
    Neat stuff!

  4. My comment: PS: That ain't supposed to be Tin tops it is "The 'T' in Tops!" just to unconfuse your mind. LOL Love ya!

  5. As usual, VERY clever!!

  6. The earrings are cute!!
    I don't decorate for seasons.

  7. You do incredible work. I hope sales take off. By the way, I can send you a box of acorns if you need them. There are bushels of them under our oak tress around the barn.

    Thanks for the shoutout.

  8. Cute cute earrings...
    I don't do a lot for fall...usually buy a couple pots of mums...some pumpkins and hang an autumn wreath on my door.
    I did what u suggested when the comments first started not showing up in email...worked for awhile and then stopped...I did, just now, find a setting so that I could add my blog comments to my email address and just tried we'll see. Thanks so much for your help....

  9. I used to always think to not to mess with acorns, I never wanted the squirrels to go hungry.