Picture Post- Beach

I am home from vacation. We had a great time. I dread going back to work. I will have a load of work to make up from being gone all week. I have unpacked and all of the laundry is done. I am exhausted, so this is going to be what I call a "picture post" of some photos I took this past week because I simply do not have a train of thought right now.

Enjoy while I pout. 

The beach was very crowded. We were out at 8 am each morning to get a spot. People would still come on and sit up right against us crowding our space. This would annoy me. Especially if they were smokers or had filthy language.

Here is nice shot of our camper. No one ever occupied the camp spot in front of us all week. That was pretty nice.

My late father in law made us this sign years ago when we first started camping. The Ice cream represents the ice cream company that my husbands grandfather owned in town.(before my time). 
It has our city and state painted on it as a conversation starter. (Edited for privacy).

The ocean ate my sunglasses. So before we left, I ran into the store for this new pair.

I was brave this past week and sported my bikinis. 

Sunday morning, I could see the sun breaking through the clouds and could not resist the chance for a good photo. You can see the rain bans moving in. However, we never saw rain all week.

More sun beams over the dunes.

Remember in a previous post where I mentioned we were not taking the daughter? Well, she ended up getting her boyfriend to bring her down on the last day. After they played around a while, We enjoyed a nice dinner and gave him a tour of the campground while we all had an ice cream cone.

Here they are being silly on the barrel train that runs around the campground all day. 

I’ll end here with a little Scripture I found to add to one of my photos. I thought it fit perfect with the scenery. 


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous!!

  2. I love the cloud you caught with the rays so clear. YOu caught a good one!!
    Love the photo show and narrative. Glad you had a safe trip there and back.

  3. I love the beach. The sky and water make beautiful pictures.
    That’s a nice looking camper. I bet that gives you guys a lot of different vacay options.

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful beach trip Lisa!

  5. ahhh...I so love going to the beach. Years ago when all the grands were little, our son and his fmily, daughter and her family and Bill and I would head to the beach every summer We all had campers and had a fantastic camp area every year.
    I can remember how I hated to come home, back to "normal" life.
    I'm glad ya'll had a good time.

  6. Eek I’m so glad you had a great week! Love the shot of your daughter and her BF! The ice cream sign is so sweet! I sure hope this week treats you well and allows you to ease back in! Pout girl, leaving the beach and relaxation is always hard! Hugs!

  7. How lovely, a week at the beach!! It sure is tough coming back to work after a vacation, I don't envy you that mountain of work that is no doubt waiting for you!

  8. Sounds like you had great weather for a beach vacation. The beach pictures are beautiful.

  9. lovely pictures. they set the mood.