Today is...

  • I am 49 and don't feel a day over 32.
  • Well except when I’m around my daughters friends, then I feel 49.
  • I don’t know how to act because I have never been this old before. 
  • Inventors must have thought I’d be a hot one since they invented the smoke detector the same year I was born. 
  • I lived in this world before Emails, cordless phones, automatic sliding doors and ATM’s. 
  • No one knew what a laptop computer was or a GPS. 
  • Prozac was also invented after I was born. They saw me coming. 
  • Did you know the first personal computer was invented in 1983 and called an “Apple Lisa”? Just had to throw that out there. 
  • Microwaves were just getting popular in homes and moms actually cooked. 
  • We didn’t have Xboxes or Nintendo . 
  • We played pong until Atari came out.
  • We also played hopscotch, jack rocks and marbles.
  • We swung on a swing set almost every day 
  • And played in the woods all the time. 
  • If we were not playing outside, it meant to our friends that we were grounded. 
  • I just realized, I’m too young to be this old. 

The birthday fun actually started last weekend when mom prepared a wonderful birthday dinner with family. Four out of six of us have May birthdays. The fun will last through this weekend with a short get away with my daughter and husband. 
I need to enjoy it while I can still get around.

Here is a the “Apple Lisa” 


  1. That's funny - but so true!! I have never been this old.....70 in September. I used to worry about my son - who lived in California at the time - seeing me after a long time and thinking I was old. Now I tend to think....oh, well. Trying to grow old gracefully is my goal. The best years of my life have been since I passed 50! I also try to remember - THIS is as good as I will ever look. Enjoy it. Someday I will look back on my ohotos of this year and say, "Wow! I looked so YOUNG!!!" have a long way to go, my dear and I hope you enjoy every single step!

  2. My birthday is at the end of the month so I can relate. Happy Birthday to you and many more.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!! We are so close in age and I could have written this! LOVE your list and love that you're going to get in a little get away!! You are so sweet and gorgeous inside and out! Enjoy and Cheers! xo

  4. Ahhh the Apple Lisa? and I did not know! HAPPY BIRTHDAY "YOUNG LADY" I like this entry, you done good. I always enjoy the visit here! Now try to be good today! LOL
    Love from the first side of the South Fork

  5. Happy Birthday, Lisa! I love it when it last the whole week. Love all the things that was going on in the year you were born. I am older than you (I have 2 daughters a little older than you) so I won't tell all that happened the year I was born!
    Enjoy your day!

  6. I am older than you so this list makes sense to me. Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy birthday!!

    After 83 years on this earth, I’ve learned that if you stay alive long enough you’ll get old. I’ve tried to avoid that by applying a “stay young” philosophy. Let me explain. My youngest son was 53 this year. I am 36. The best way to explain this anomaly is to tell you about something that I read in one of Kirk Douglas’ books. A “senior” movie actress was being interviewed. The reporter said, “Forgive me, Madame, but I have to ask. Your son (who was also a star) admits to being 56. You claim to be 63. How can this be?” Her answer (& mine): “He has his life--I have mine!”

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it, I turned 50 this March, that was a rough one. Enjoy your birthday escape!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday. 49 doesn't sound very old to me. : )

  10. Dang, I can’t believe I missed your birthday. I have shoes that are 49 :)
    You look great young’un.