Rain and Sand

It’s Tuesday and I am just getting around to posting about my weekend beach trip. It was a great trip for a Duck!

My husband, daughter and I took a trip to our beach camper this past weekend. We knew rain was in the forcast but plans were already set. I get a limited amount of days off from work so we have to go when we can. 
We can never really go by the weather forcast for the beach since it can be so unpredictable. It can be raining a mile off the beach and still be sunny and beautiful on the beach. 

ANY WAY....It was terrible this past weekend. Rain, rain and more rain. The camper gets very small when we are all stuck inside. Cabin fever will set in quick. We literally would stare out the windows and once the rain would stop, we would go outside and walk around. It was off and on every fifteen minutes. We finally made the decision to go for our excersise walk in the rain. It was very warm so the rain felt refreshing. We were soaked from head to toe but it was fun. Of course we could have gotten out and went shopping, but for what? We didn’t need anything nor the money to waste. We were there for the sand and sun.

While my daughter watched a little tv, me and Nick headed out for a walk on the beach during another rain break. We didn’t drive 210 miles not to get our feet wet in the ocean. However, I did more than that. I actually fell in the ocean. I wanted Nick to snap a photo me in the water. Just as he snapped the photo, a wave took my feet out from under me. He had a good laugh with that. 

One day I took my excersise walk/run on the beach. I decided not to let the misty rain keep me imprisoned. 

Later on that afternoon we got some ice cream and played a few games of skeet ball in the campground arcade.
We made it a short day and finally headed out to dinner. We visited the local winery then ended the night with at trip to the outlet malls. 

Of course the drive home was sunny. 


  1. Uggghhh isn't that always the way? We've been getting a lot of that lately also - gorgeous days during the week when I'm working and awful days on the weekend when I'm off - hate it!! Looking good, lady - Nutri System should be proud of you as their poster child!! :)

  2. Sorry you had such a rainy time at the beach. Hope next time it is nice and sunny.

  3. A rainy day at the beach is often better than a sunny day somewhere else.

  4. We have RV's to enjoy them and nature. I love it when I hear of folk who make lemonade when everyone looks like a lemon. Love the water shot!
    There are times in Florida when we are near Disney and see folks who have saved and planned for that week and it rains most of the week, I do feel for them because we are there up to 9-10 weeks of winter and see mostly great weather.
    Glad you can 'dance in the rain.'
    Love it.
    From the East side of the muddy South Fork.

  5. glad you made the most of it.