Mood Nails

I like to have pretty finger nails. I have given up the nail biting habit so now I enjoy getting manicures on occasions. I have been able to let my nails grow to a good length so I went a while back to have them painted with a gel polish. After I took that polish off, my nails were brittle and I swore I would never have my nails done again ( I say that alot but then a holiday comes up).

A few weeks ago, I was called to do a photo shoot. This meant I had to break down and get my nails done up pretty with a nude or natural colored polish. I had to opt for fake nail tips since mine were just too short for pretty. The nail tech kept trying to get me to get the new “mood” color. There were several colors to choose from but I had to turn down the offer. I promised her I’d try out the new “mood” colors when I get back. 

Two weeks later my fake nails were still holding up but needed filled in from growth. By this time, I would usually have them already off to my natural nails but I decided to go have them filled in and painted. As promised, I got a mood color.

What is mood colors? It’s a gel Polish (which last longer) that changes colors with your temperature. Yellow can turn Orange. Black can turn Purple, etc.

I kept it simple and chose pink. 

I have had more fun with these nails. When they are cold, they are pink. When they are warm, they are white. My hands are always cold so they mostly stay pink. Nick saw them this morning and asked if I need the heat on. haha. By the way, he likes me to keep them red. 

See ! Aren’t they cool? I haven’t had this much fun with changing colors since the mood ring. I may have to try a different color next time. 

 Color: Seashell Pink


  1. I had my nails done once with the gel and I didn't like it either, never again. I can do my own nails but need to have pedicure since it's hard for me to reach my toes and the toe nails are hard. I went on Monday and got them done. Yours is pretty, love the pink!

  2. I never heard of mood nails - but I want to hear more about this photo shoot, Lisa!!!

  3. Soooo cool, why have I not heard of this...LOVE that pink!

  4. I've never heard of mood nails either, but I like it. Love the the pink.
    I have never had a professional manicure but do my own nails and usually I do have polish on them.
    No trouble growing my nails and in fact have to keep filing them down.

  5. Add me to the list of those who had never heard of mood nails. They do look pretty.

  6. I seldom get my nails done. I usually use my pocket knife like Nick. (LOL) But the idea is neat. I love it that someone has come up with paints and textures that change colors. The closest thing like that I have seen is the Blackcup I bought Sherry for her 80th birthday that changed to white with a sweet verse on it when heated. So I guess that could be considered a mood cup! LOL
    I enjoyed the read and education.

  7. OMG! These are awesome!! Did the gel thing once and it also destroyed my nails. I don't bite them, they're just fragile. I keep them presentable by using strengtheners and polish. Cool for you and thanks for the snap!


  8. The pink is a pretty shade, and now I have heard of mood nails. I often use nail polish and do it myself, which is convenient.

  9. hahhaa....soooo cool. When I was younger, I had Mood Rings but never heard of nail them