Chili Time and Zombie

Fall is starting to show its chilly side here in North Carolina. The wake up weather has been down in the 40’s. Brrrrr. I’m not a fan. The only thing I like about Fall is the smell and colors. I’ll admit though that do I love snuggling in a blanket and warm drinks. But that’s it.

Speaking of Chilly. I mentioned to my husband it was about time for some of his homemade chili with beans. I am lucky to have snagged up a man that can cook. He made a trip to Food Lion Grocery store and bought the things he needed to whip up a pot of chili. Our daughter loves his chili too. This is the only way we can get her to eat beans. She will come for a visit this weekend, so I jarred her up some to take back home with her.

He makes chili beans using ground turkey instead of beef. I like the turkey meat better. There is no difference in the taste. The turkey is leaner, healthier and you never have to worry about biting into a piece of gristle. 

Fall weather also brings out the goooley things like halloween themed foods and drinks. Today, Nick drove me across town StarBucks. I ordered the Zombie Frappuccino. Though I would have rather had a hot drink, I wanted to try one of these gross looking drinks. It was actually good.

It’s made with green carmel apple flavor, dark chocolate mocha, and brains (pink whip). It tasted just like a caramel apple. I love anything caramel. 

I never eat real caramel or candy apples. If you have ever bit into a rotten apple hidden by candy, you wouldn’t eat one either. 

Later we headed next door to the nieghbors who were having a halloween get together. We didn't stay but a few minutes and I left with loaded pockets of candy. Ha! 

Now I’m calling it a day. I have church in the morning and a shower to attend in the afternoon, but not before I enjoy a bowl of left over chili. Nite.


  1. you know how to kick in the salivary glands

  2. Halloween has always been such a fun time..and we love chili (no beans in our West Texas chili) with lots of shredded cheese on top...

    1. That's how we eat ours, but with lots of chopped onions on top!!

  3. I love the onions added to the top also. Of course we cook onions and some garlic in with the meat. Soy, turkey or HB is ok with me. I love chili with or with out beans. It is even cool here in Florida. I am looking at 58 on the thermometer outside.

  4. the chili sounds good. nothing like a starbucks drink on a cool autumn day.