When All Else Fails

Hey yall. I’m sorry im slagging on my blog post. I’m trying to get my blogging mojo back on. 

I just haven't felt like thinking. You may even notice my comments on your blog post have been a bit short. I’m still here. I still read everyones blog post weather I comment or not. Just know im reading. I’ve just wasting too much time worrying about my health issues. Most of you already know, but I am currently fighting two issues going on. For the record, I’m healthy, not sick and nothing serious is wrong with me. 

For over a year now, I have suffered ear ringing (Tinnitus). It gets so annoying at times I could scream. At a low it sounds like a radio out of tune on an AM station. (Haha thats bad). On a high, it sounds like a freight train applying it’s brakes, but never seems to run over me. It causes me to be dizzy at times and just last weekend, I had another episode of verigo that lasted for hours. Sickening! The doctor just says I have to learn to live with it. 

Then the chest pains. What used to come and go as spasms since July, now are pretty constant all day long and my whole front chest feels like I’ve been kicked by Bruce Lee. I have had every test possible to try and find a cause but they all come up normal. EKG, xray, ultra sound, gallbladder hida scan, stress test and even an endoscopy. The doctors just shrug their shoulders and call it acid reflux, give me Prilosec and send me away. 

So, when all else fails, I listen to my friends and family. “Go see a Chiropractor” they say. 
The thought of that scares the bajezus out of me. But I caved after my last vertigo episode and made an appointment.

First visit to the Chiropractor was yesterday. He saw I was nervous and said he'd take it easy on me and wouldn’t pop anything today. I laid on a bed with a back roller for 15 minutes. He talked with me and actually listened to my problem. He did an xray of my neck and back and pointed out that my neck was too straight and didnt have the normal cervical curve. 

Then he pointed out that I have a compressed c6 disk. These issues could be causing both my ear and chest problem due to the pressure on my spine. He did lots of smashing and poking around. He said I’d be sore and gave me some bio freeze samples.....

I mean, just how sore was I gonna be? Yikes....

Well today I was pretty sore! I went for my second appointment and he popped and twisted some things, sent me home and wants to see me again Monday. 
I hope this works. I mean, If all else fails, try something new. Right? 


  1. I've never mean to one but my sister says they work. Yes, if all else fails, do try it.

  2. I went to college with a young man destined to be a chiropractor...he had hurt his back lifting weights...after years of no progress with traditional medicine and surgery...a chiropractor 'fixed him up.' All the times I've strained my back in the gym or working in the yard, I've thought of him.

  3. I am so sorry that you are suffering like that, Lisa. I hope the treatments you are getting help you. How miserable to have to deal with that kind of thing. My husband has the ringing, too, off and on...and he only has hearing in one ear.

    Being dizzy is a horrible feeling. Let's hope the chiropractor is your ticket to feeling good again. (freight train-ticket---get it?--oh nevermind)...

    Hope you have a really good weekend, Lisa. xo Diana

  4. The body is strange, weird at times. I have been to a Chiropractor only once in my life, it was a pain in my back. The best medical experience of my life. I crawled in and walked out. That was long before the 'make an appt and come back' line. Nothing wrong with the line when needed. What they used to say, "If it persists give us a call."

    Now Tinnitus, I know it up close and personal. It became my friend for years. Put me to sleep many nights just listening to it. I thought everyone has these strange noises. You describe it well, most folk just say 'ringing' but I now it can be many sounds. In my life time I have said "what did you say?" My sons have said, "Dad you hear good when no one says anything."
    I did learn to live with it. It is strange now that I have two Cochlear Implants I know what it means to 'hear nothing', once the devices are removed, my world is SILENT.
    I do hope you get some relief, the chest thing would bother me a LOT, the hearing? it is the frustration more than anything else. ('cept the DIZZIES! 'at ain't no fun!)
    PS: Yep we miss ya, when you ain't here but understand..

  5. Feel better soon, Sweetie!!

  6. My mom used to go for quite a few years, then she stopped

  7. Hope this does the trick for you.

  8. hopefully you're being helped by this latest experiment to get to the bottom of things.