Thats Just Rude

I hope I don't come across as an ol hag. Or "one of those old people". But the older I get, the more things annoy me. Things I find quiet rude. 

In just the past week I can name a few things that made me say under my breath, "thats just rude".

Trying to have a nice dinner out after a long days work.
A parent lets their child scream and run around the table. I swere I think people feed their kids like dogs sometimes. Just throw food at them while they run around and play. No respect, no manner, just rude.

While Walking,
Those drivers that refuse to move over just a little while we are walking in an area without a sidewalk. Rude.

Grocery shopping at Walmart.
A couple walks in holding the cutest little puppy dog.
This was not a service dog. It was bull dog puppy and they placed it in the seat of the grocery cart. 
Thats just gross! People put food in those carts. Being Walmart, people also put clothes in those carts. 
I thought, "what is this petco?" 
There are people allergic to animals and I personally do not want to handle my food thats been on a puppy butt serface! Thats just rude!

Fireworks going off in the neighborhood at 4:00 in the morning? Rude.

While sitting at a stop light, gas pump or just enjoying the outdoors.
I do not want to hear your filthy music bumping on your radio and blurting obscene words and phrases. I mean, some of that stuff is xrated. Thats just rude.

Out and about,
People seem to find it ok to just blurt out curse words. They cuss and they are not even mad! I dont understand how this type of vocabulary makes you look any better or smarter. Men who cuss around women. Ruddest!!

Why does that lady have to stop between me and what Im looking at?

At work
Cigarette smoke blown in the air. Talk that would make a sailor blush, and using the bathroom without closing the door. Hey! Theres a woman in the office!! Rude! 

I'm telling ya, it gets worst every day, everywhere. I think there should be fines for these behaviors, but again, maybe its just me. Maybe im being an old fart! 

What annoys you? What do you find rude? Are you
like me and just grin and bear it or do you point out the obvious?


  1. I put up with it. Without the grin though. No smiles at all. And it seems to be getting worse.

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh screaming children! Don't get me going!

  3. I have a problem with all of the cursing now days, the "F" word especially, it's in the movies, music, and everyday language, I don't see how anyone can insert this word so many times into one sentence and think it proper. This language should not be used around children and ladies, but a lot of folks allow their kids to talk this way, it's not cute....

    Walmart, that's a whole other story.

  4. The cussing and kids running around the restaurant are what does it for me.
    I can't believe the language I hear!!!!

  5. Swear words used to be effective for their shock value, but it seems they've become part of our everyday vocabulary--too bad!!

  6. These do make great stories, though.
    I don't let things bother me. People will be people.

  7. p.s. That includes me.

  8. I do not say anything. I do not give them a nasty look BUT I do not smile. The DOGS/PETS of anykind in stores bugs me. I remember Myra, I think. Hearing a lady on the plane with her 'service dog' who couldn't go anywhere with it, EXCEPT A 5 day cruise, she could handle that, but not a grocery store, etc. WOW.
    I actually do believe an animal can calm and help a human, but I also think it is OVER BLOWN and many folk take advantage. My pet peeve is driving with an animal in you lap. My last wreck many years ago a lady ran a stop sign because her dog was licking her in the face as she held it. She ran right out onto Hickory grove rd. I could not have missed her if I had been walking.

    I agree with your 'RUDES' ans wish folks would realize some manners are still nice.

  9. I actually had my hand cut by some exposed metal (defective design) on a walmart cart before. It happened late at night and got a "uh..." look from a night stocker. Walmart managment was real nice about it though, offered the doc visit, but they did ask if I wanted a job there. I suppose they didn't think I suffered enough lol

    But to be honest, I've seen the folks who frequent walmart like a daily ritual, and most dogs are cleaner than them.

    That being said, I don't get anything "fresh" at walmart. I don't have allergies, but all the food I ever get there is air-tight that even ants can get into them. I mainly go to Aldi and Ingles for the bulk of the my groceries. I used to frequent Target until I moved on the other side of town. I mainly do walmart for the convience as there's one right by my work.

  10. screaming children with unattentive parents bugs me too.

  11. Where do I start? I find myself breathing deeply at times where I'm aggravated.