Rundown of My Independence Day

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! I actually got the day off. 
We did not have any cook outs, swim parties or boat trips planned for today. We just took it as it came. 

The morning started with my usual cup of coffee, breakfast and blog readings. Nick headed out for his usual 5 mile morning walk. After about thirty minutes, I text him to let him know that I decided to walk with him. We always walk together in the afternoons but since I go to work, I dont get to enjoy the week day morning walks. So I met him up the street and we continued walking for another 45 minutes. We talked about our plans for the day and plans for our future. We always talk about the things we want to do in life while we walk. We enjoy our moments together.

After lunch, we decided to head up town to the fourth of July festivities. We cant stand it long in the crowd we have in our town, but we like to see whats going on. I like seeing everyone dressed in patriotic attire. I like to see the kids with excitement and awe in their eyes. I captured some kids playing in the town fountain. 

There were hot dog eating contest, hot pepper eating contest, and pie eating contest. There was music and vendors. Lots of vendors. 

Craft Vendors, artist and food vendors were spread uptown to down town and even behind the town. There were also rides for the kids. 

I wanted an ice cream cone but the lines were too long and the prices were too high. We found the Mayfield truck giving away free samples and that worked just fine. A bite was just enough to satisfy my craving. 

We made a complete round of the town then headed to the mall and a few other stores. I was not shopping for anything particular. We were mainly just walking around to get more exercise......I mean, I had to walk off that big bowl of Ice cream I had. Haha.
I did end up purchaseing some new house slippers since I ruined mine today by wearing them outside to cut some flowers.

Later, the sky darkened as a storm rolled in. We headed home. We couldn't grill out now since it was raining and by the time we would buy meat, potatoes and gas for the grill, it would be cheaper to just go out. So we got cleaned up and headed back out to Logans Steak house. My favorite. 

We decided not to go back uptown to watch the fireworks (Party poopers). Instead, we got comfortable on the couch and I in my new slippers. We settled down to a movie on tv. Relaxing and listening to the booms and crackles of the fireworks going off in the distance. 
We will probably hear them until 3 in the morning and the rest of the month!

According to my fitbit, I walked 19,141 steps and 8.47 miles today. 

It's to bed early and back to work tomorrow. It's nice to get a day off in the middle of the week. Sometimes we just need a break. Or maybe I'm getting old.



  1. We had too much rain here and I had to be up early for work today, so my 4th was cut short

  2. We had a great time. I enjoyed the trip with y'all. I seldom get down town except to pay property taxes. I do enjoy making the trip down town (Not the taxes though). I get to see the folks in the building permits section and say hello to Ms. DAvis there. Life is good! I also appreciate 'reading' the love for each other you two have..

    Sherry just said to me, I am missing our walks!

  3. Looks like you and Nick had a really nice day, ending up with new slippers and curled up on the couch sounds like a great ending to the day.

  4. Looks like you had a great day (besides the storm}. I appreciate you taking a moment to share it with us.

  5. It was a good day here too. Happy 4th of July.

  6. Sounds like a great day.
    The parade in our town ends in front of our house and we sit on the porch and watch the end.