Its Going To Be A Good Week

It's Saturday morning and im sitting here with my coffee enjoying my morning while Nick is out walking his usual morning route. 

My Nutrisystem friends are on my mind right now. I got invited to come back for another Nutrisystem photo shoot next week.
Unfortunatly, I had to turn it down due to not being able to get the week off work since I will be taking the next week off for family vacation.
They fly out Monday to Las Vegas for the fun trip. Im not sure Vegas would be my favorite place but to get the star treatment again would be awesome! Im sorta jealous right now. A little bird told me its possible there will be other trips planned so who knows. 
July and August are hard to escape the office so when I have to choose one, my family comes first.

Next week for me is going to be a good one as I am so excited about my family vacation coming up. I'll enjoy the work week as I have something to look foward too. I love looking foward to things. This past month has been a struggle so I'm ready for some fun and relaxation. 

After lunch, me and Nick are heading out to do a little shopping for our beach trip. He needs new walking shoes and I need.... well, nothing. But Im sure Ill buy something. Thats the girl in me. 


  1. While Nick is shopping for his walking shoes will be time to find something you can't live without, when you are shopping for anything for a vacation trip, there is always something you need that you didn't know you needed until you run across it.

  2. Yep, you bet. It is great to look forward to SOMETHING! We get excited and we do it all the time. Like our plans for Williamsburg nest week ourselves. BUT for you we are glad. Yep, family comes first. BUT you will miss not making that special trip. Las Vegas is not our favorite spot either, but we always manage to go there when we are in the state. I am sure they would have at least one great show for you all to attend. They picked a crazy place because the food is plentiful, reasonable and delicious. OUCH! I gain a pound thinking about it. But Las Vegas will always be there, but family? Not always.

  3. My wife Jilda wasn't excited the first time we went to Las Vegas, but she actually loved the time we spent there. We took time to tour Hoover Dam, and see some of the old parts of the city which was fun.
    We'd like to go back some time.

  4. After following your posts: Fun is wherever you are.

  5. your upcoming family vacation will be fun, i'm sure. worth the sacrifice.

  6. Hi Lisa, have a wonderful family vacation. It is always good to get away. I am sure you will find something you absolutely need.

  7. Next time. I'll cross my fingers for you.

  8. Yep, you bet. It is great to look forward to SOMETHING! We get excited and we do it all the time.