Owie Oui

Owie- The pain I'm induring since July 6th. Not sure what's going on. I've thought gallbladder since the beginning but the doctor seems more concerned about my heart. My heart is fine I tell ya! All test on it are good, therfore I'm cancelling the stress test scheduled next week. I do not see the point when the Cardiologist says hes not concerned either but "just to make sure". At this point, they are just stealing my money. I simply can not afford more test only to be put off another week. I still have no answers or relief of my chest, and right side pains. I don't look or act sick so they are not taking me serious. I guess I'll wait til I'm bleeding from my eyes and passed out on the floor.
I finally got an ultra sound done yesterday on my gallbladder and kidneys, so I sit here at work today and wait.

Oui- My new found yogurt. I try to eat yogurt when I can, but honestly, I hate yogurt. I do not like the sour tangy kind. There is one other kind I like but it seems to contribute to more pain in my mid area so im laying off of it for a while til I figure out what's going on. I still say gallbladder. Why hasn't my phone rang with my results yet???
Anyway, this "Oui" yogurt is by Yopait. Its not Greek or Chinese. It's French. 
And why am I blogging about yogurt? I have no idea.

I discovered these during a trip to Walmart. Despite the cute glass containers, they are delicious. 
They are not tangy or sour. The have the texture of creamy pudding. The fruit on the bottom is real fruit. 

Aren't they darling? At only a dollar each, I plan to stock up on these cuties. The are perfect for any snack or small meal. 

Oh and did I mention, they are healthy? 

Stay tuned here for my doctor results as I do not publish on Facebook.


  1. the yogurt looks good. i had my gallbladder taken out 30 plus yeares ago. you could be right with this diagnosis. but it could be your heart too. good luck regardless.

  2. Always looking for new yogurt to try - thanks! Noosa is good, but it's a little pricey.

  3. Good luck with the medical mayhem. I do hope your find a result (and solution) soon.

  4. First I've seen the Oui yogurt

  5. I try never to give medical advice since I lost my license, due to heavy drinking. :-O .. Personally I listen to my own body & brain as you are to yours. Hoping you the best.
    The only yogurt I like is 'Frozen 'soft serve' yogurt', I am not even sure it is yogurt, tastes like ice cream to me.

    I do remember that much of French, YES!

    From Appomattox, VA

  6. Hope you get answers to your medical questions SOON!!

  7. You are amazing. We go from a doctor;s examination to a yogurt commercial. (makes sense to me)

  8. I am so sorry you are having pain and discomfort. It really does sound kind of like gall bladder. Did they check you for pancreatic problems (like inflammation)? That is usually contained to the upper abdominal area though. Good luck and let us know. I am praying for you. xo Diana

  9. You have to love yogurt when it has real fruit in it, I'd go for that.

    Hoping for good results from your scan.