Microwave Cookies

Here I go again with a quick single serve recipe. I promise all my post are not about food. I just have the munchies. But not the after a doobie kind of munchies. I have a sweet tooth more than I should! 

I find myself searching around until I figure out an easy single serve recipe. That way I dont have sweets hanging around in the kitchen all week.

Or maybe it's because I have ran out of Nutrisystem snacks and I need a replacement. I will have a new shippment of Nutrisystem foods coming in a couple days. I love that stuff and dont usually have to search for other foods to eat. They are always at my grab!
Anyway, back to the cookies.

You ready for this?

Oatmeal cookies you can make right in the microwave in less than two minutes!

Let me warn you, these are good but not as good as keebler or Nutrisystem for that matter. But they are satisfying, lite on the calories and actually a pretty healthy alternative. 
Try if for yourself!

Mix All-
1/2 Cup- Quick Oats.
2 Tsp- All purpose Flour.
1/4 Tsp- Baking powder.
1Tsp- Brown Sugar.
Pinch-Cinnamon. (Ok maybe a little more than that).
1/2 Tblsp- add ins (nuts, raisins or chocolate chips). 
1/4 Tsp- Vanilla.
3 Tblsp- Milk (I used 2%).

Place on a microwavable plate and pat into a big cookie or two small cookies.
Microwave on High for 70 to 75 seconds.
Let cool (it can burn you).

At 230 calories and 10 grams of Protein, these cookies are perfect for breakfast so grab a cup of coffee. Its equivalent to a bowl of oatmeal with toppings.
*the recipe is ONE serving weather you make one large or two small cookies.


  1. I love most any type of oatmeal cookie. this is a smart line and one ignored eventually causes TROUBLE:

    That way I dont have sweets hanging around in the kitchen all week.

    Yep, could be dangerous, and is around here.

  2. I've never been a fan of the ol oatmeal cookie, Daisy likes them

  3. Oatmeal cookies are one of my favorites, this recipe does sound quick and easy.

  4. Oatmeal Cookies! Are you running for president? You got my vote.

  5. Those look tasty. I love oatmeal. I didn't realize that you could bake in a microwave.

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