Yard Games

I remember playing outside a lot when I was younger. You seldom see kids playing outside now days. 

I would play jax and jump rope with the girls and ride bikes with the boys. But there were times that families would get together and play games in the yard. 

We had a croquet set. We enjoyed tapping the ball trough the course around the yard.  Then there was horse shoes. I was never good at horse shoes. The men mostly would play this game as the horseshoes were too heavy for the young ones to throw successfully.

I remember families around the neighborhood would meet up to play wiffle ball or rolly bat. Boy was that the fun days.

One game I never played until I was introduced to it at the beach was Bocci ball. It consist of eight large balls and one small ball. You team up and take turns tossing the heavy wooden balls toward the small ball. Each thrower tries to get the closest to the small ball while also knocking others balls away from the target. 
Its a fun game in the yard or on the beach. 


My late father in law has this set of Vintage Bocci Balls from Italy. They are old, wooden and well played out. 


My husband plans to keep this old set and make a nice display for them. They are over a hundred years old. 

Meanwhile we have a new colorful set stored in the camper. We enjoy meeting up with friends on the sand to play.  


  1. I believe Croquet was my favorite game in the yard. I did like horseshoes. I was introduced to Bocci in the last couple years, even have a set now. We are gonna have to get it out and try again.

    I remember watching the Waldensian folk in Valdese play the game, it was a big past time for them on the weekends. They came over from Italy and settled in Burke County.

  2. We played outside a lot. Except when it was bucketting down with rain, we headed outside right after breakfast. I don't remember family games though.

  3. We have a croquet set that we've had for years. It's a hit each time we have a summer gathering. It's a fun game. We played outdoors ALL the time.

  4. This sounds a lot like me. Croquet is still a favorite for backyard barbecues. Thanks for the fun.

  5. I have never played that game either, that old set is a keeper for sure.

  6. We used to play outside, but because I'm old, no one in our neighborhood had TV until my early teen's!!

  7. Outside was always the place to be on a nice spring, summer or autumn day back in the day. You're right things have changed.

  8. I was always outside when I was a kid and so were my kids. You're right you don't see kids outside just playing very much any more. I think they are missing out on so much.