A Fidget A Fadget

Are you a fidgety person? It seems the older I get the more fidgity I get. Always having to do something with my hands. I think its worry. Ever since my daughter left home for college 8 years ago, graduating and now living out on her own, Ive never stopped worrying about her. Im working on that.
I think thats why I took up to Crocheting so much. Crochet helps me deal with fidgety nervousness. 

Come to think about it, Ive been fidgety as far back as I can remember. When I was in school, I would pick erasers off the end of a pencil, doodle or peel paint off the tables. Ok let me ask, "who remembers doing that"? The layers of paint would peel like rubber. 
I will still snap the clip off a pen if I have it in my hands long enough. 

Well its seems latley everywhere I look, Im seeing theses fadgets (fidget gadgets) all over the internet. 
A guy at work just bought him a "spinner". 


Then I see there are now fidget boxes for sale.  If you google "fidget toys" or "stress toys" you will see it goes way beyond stress balls.


I laugh but then I remember the worry beads I made myself a while back. I keep these on my desk at work. I fidget and flip these things all day long sometimes.  


Hey, it keeps me from rolling important papers into straws. 

In todays society, people are always looking for a form of stress relief. Isn't that something?  Out of all the technology in the world, we often revert back to the simple toys. They do not use data and do not require batteries. Now where is my slinky? 

Would you or do you use a fadget for fidget? 


  1. I have never used one myself but wouldn't have a problem using one if need be, I think it would be great for someone with nervous energy like my son and grandson, have you tried one yet?

  2. One of my brothers can't stay still. He would benefit.
    Only my mind revolves... And I don't think a fadget would help.

  3. Years ago I bit my nails; now I scrape the polish off!!

  4. Though I like to keep busy, wouldn't consider myself a fidgety person.
    I'm not a worrier either. : ) I'm kind of easy going.

  5. Ok, well I bought a lot of the cubes and gave them for gifts for Christmas. I ordered the spinners and they came Friday. Me and the kiddos have them. We all all fidget people, everyone but the hubbs. It is relaxing. F.Y.I. They are selling the spinners EVERYWHERE at MB. The teachers hate the spinners. After watching Payton with his I now know why. He spins it and balances it on one finger like a basketball. The least little wobble and it goes flying. They make a lot of noise when they go sailing across the floor. But i still like them. 😊

  6. Daydreaming is my curse.
    Thank you for pointing us to these things

  7. I'm ok now, but I bent a lot of paperclips and doodled away many tablets when I sat behind desk. Now retired I must find something to fix. Today I spent part drying wet sand, ha! (for a building project). I have a brother in law that used to drive every one crazy bouncing his knee and tapping his fingers on tables.
    Fadgets seem useful!

  8. I just started seeing those

  9. i have a couple spinner rings. and some worry beads too. very relaxing. i think it's ok to fidget.

  10. Never been much of a fidgeter....unless I'm using one of those pens that you click on and off. And then I'll drive you crazy clicking it. Lol.

  11. Saw a kid with one of the spinners recently. It was my first time seeing one of these fidget gadgets in action. Worked like a charm to keep the kid occupied and patient as he sat thru a 2+ hr honors ceremony.

  12. How funny! I guess that's why people used to keep those clacking silver balls or zen gardens on their desk?