Things Mom Said

Happy Mothers Day. I hope you all think of your mothers today no matter where they are now.

This is the first Mothers Day that I did not attend Church. I feel a little guilty about that but we took a beach trip this weekend and right now we are heading home. We will be back in town in time to join the rest of the family to have dinner with Mom. We will be taking her to her choice of restaurant. Im thinking a lot about my mom as I ride down the road. 

Growing up, my mom would say (and still says) many things that showed me direction and love. but I did not always agree with some of them and some would make me mad. Now that im older and have a daughter of my own I understand it now. This brings me to thinking of some of the things I remember that my Mother would say. I remember it like it was yesterday (really it could have been just yesterday).
Let me humor you with some of the things I remember and I actually find myself telling my own daughter sometimes.

1. "Just pray about it"- This is what she would tell me when I was hurt and confused. At this point, I knew she just didn't have the answer and these words would comfort me, so pray is what I did. and it worked!

2. "Your not going out of this house like that"- This pertained to any thing I wore above my knees or showed my belly button.

3. "Well, then they are not your friends!"- Often I would complain that my friends would make fun of me or be mad at me because I couldn't do certain things. Well, They were my friends and still are, they just didn't understand at the time because they lived with different rules.

4. "Well, your not everybody"- When I really thought I was the only one that could not go or do something I wanted to do. I mean, everybody else did it! Really!

5. "You look like a clown"- This is when I'd put on makeup. Therefore, I would sneak and wear it. Nobody else called me a clown. If they had, Id probably listened to them. Ha.

6. "Your gonna sit there until your plate is clean"- Ok, I would actually sit for long time. and I think it was only when we had butter beans. The dog wouldn't even be around.

7. "Your grounded until your next report card"- She meant this. I was grounded all school year every school year. which leads back to quote #3 and #4 and sometimes quote #1.

8. "You listen to me when I tell you something"- I often felt this one on my behind. yikes!

9. "Stop crying before I give you something to cry about"- This was actually a hard task and by her saying this, it would often bring on more tears.

10. "One of these days, you will have children just like you"- Um...this is the all mighty mother's curse she put on me and all my siblings , but luckily, mine did not turn out "just like me". Shes alot of the opposite. But because of my own daughter, I understand alot of my mothers reasons.

I have the best mom in the world that always worked hard to keep us straight. She worked hard to keep the family together and keep christian pricipals in the home. I know she didn't have it easy and I appriciate all shes taught me and showed me through life. I find myself  more like her every day. 

This is Mom before I was even a twinkle in her eye. She was pretty and still is! 

What are some things you remember your mom saying? 



  1. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU! I enjoyed this, I know some of those quotes very well and your mama is a lot younger than mine. Oh yes she is pretty, so is the FORD! ;-)
    Have a safe trip, beach girl!

  2. A lot of those statements are so familiar, like you said I have both heard and used them.

    They say you pay for your raising (have kids just like you)

    You will get it back double from your own (your kids will be twice as bad as you were)

    They say the older we get the wiser our parents become.

  3. We had a girl in middle school who wore a lot of makeup. It wasn't that ridiculous, but one guy asked her does she take it off at night with an ice pick.

    Happy Mother's Day

  4. Do as I say, not as I do.
    Because I said so.
    You are not leaving the table until you finish everything on your plate.

  5. Thank you for this. Happy Mother's Day. I know it's wonderful.

  6. LOL- Oh- some of those same things---My mother's favorite was---"You are going to be the death of your father yet" (he had Parkinson's)..and..."Why can't you be more like your brother?" (I think I was 10 the first time I answered that with "because I don't have a penis" (I think I said "weiner"....So, now you know what kind of kid I was! lol

    Happy Mother's Day, sweetie- xo Diana

  7. I realized when aI got older that my folks were a lot smarter than I I thought whn I was growing up.